Time for an update

In my head I don’t do many general update posts – but a quick look at the list of posts says that the last two posts have both been updates of sorts. Anyway, there are so many little bits and bobs that I am dipping in and out of at the moment that I thought I’d bring them all together in one post. I will then pick each item in turn and do a separate post on the best bits.



I’m still by no means a FUMBBL expert and I’m not a regular, but I am taking part in a little Twitter league that has seen me playing a game a week. I’ve taken more of an interest in the regular 145 Rookie messages that I get as well and will probably get back into that. Time is a major factor at the moment though as I’m enjoying the other things that I’m working on too much to play lots. FUMBBL is still a little alien to me. Playing sideways is strange and I find that I am very easily distracted when playing which massively affects the end result.


ExeBowl Branding

When I started the ExeBowl tournament I pulled together a general look for the various documents that (felt) I needed to produce and came up with a quick and dirty logo based on the Exeter City F.C. emblem. I’m not a graphic designer though and my computer graphics skills have always been well behind my other IT skills. Recently though I have produced a simplified – and I think more striking – logo for the tournament and have been rebranding all of the materials that I’ve produced.  This has also included porting the website from WordPress over to its own domain (http://www.exebowl.co.uk) and giving it a quick spruce up along the way. I’m much happier with it all now and the change allows me to..


ExeBowl Prizes and Tokens

As a first time tournament keeping costs well-managed is very important to me. It would be in any year to be honest, but the first year especially is important in terms of gauging interest. I do want to run the best tournament that I can though and I have been getting in touch with manufacturers and vendors to see if I can get some prize support for those that do attend. With a simplified logo, I have also been investigating costs and lead times for custom dice and tokens that can be given away at the event. No promises but if enough people sign up and pay I’ll be in a better position to do something with this.


ExeBowl Roster

More ExeBowl and more IT now as I’ve been pulling together a customised Blood Bowl team creation spreadsheet that I am asking all attendees to use. I’ve taken the tournament version of the stalwart of the Blood Bowl roster creation – Halfling Scribe – and modified it to work with the ExeBowl tournament pack. The changes have been fairly simple and have basically involved splitting out the player skills into a new column to show which free skills have been selected and applying the tournament’s TV1100 limit and 6 normal skills restrictions. I published it on the ExeBowl website earlier this week and hopefully everyone will find it useful.


Score! Templates

Finally on the ExeBowl side of things I have been modifying the outputs of Score!. For those that don’t know Score! is a small piece of software that is used to run Blood Bowl tournaments. It lets you enter the teams, run the draw for each round and then based on your tournament tie-breakers creates the results for each round and the tournament itself. It’s very good at what it does but the outputs for it a not very pretty. I like things that not only function well but look nice when doing it, so it was important for me to have the outputs ExeBowl branded. The outputs themselves are easily customisable so I have been doing that as well. I will do a longer post on this soon as the changes I’ve made can easily be applied by other tournament organisers to their events.



The #WorldCupPaintingPact has really inspired me to paint and has been a roaring success for me. I have finished the chaos team that started as a primed set of models only two weeks ago. I’ll be taking some better photographs and posting on these later on. I’ve no stopped there though and I’ve started working on my orc thralls for my vampire team and have gone back to my ogre team. The five ogres that we already done have had eyes painted on and just need the bases finished and I’ve also got the snotlings into a similar position. I’ve also pinned and primed a sixth ogre and will start painting him in the next couple of days. I’m also going back over my elf team (the one that I finished at the end of last year for the league) and have been retouching them. I’ve been amazed at how my level of painting has improved (in my eyes) between the elves and the chaos and ogre teams.


Blood Bowl Pitches

I’ve not done much on these recently but they are always in the background. You may remember that I started a pirate pitch inspired by an article in an old Blood Bowl Magazine this hasn’t moved on at all really and the other ones that I eventually want to do are still just things to do. I have been trying to create a digital pitch with markings and dugouts as a friend has access to an A0 vinyl printer and there’s a chance we could print out own custom pitches at cost price. Too good an opportunity to miss. Trouble is – as you’ll know from earlier in this post – that my graphic skills are not great. I know what I want but doing it in a software package is easier said than done. The language and tools are all alien to me and the basic techniques that I need all need to be researched and tried out before I can apply them in anger. I’ll get there though!

I think that is quite enough for now. As you can can see Blood Bowl is very much the focus of all of my hobby attention now; collecting, painting, reading, running and hopefully attending tournaments.

Until next time 🙂



World Cup Painting Pact

I was looking at the pile of primed Blood Bowl minis that are mounting up on the shelf and wondering when I was ever going to get to paint them all. I’m very much a winter painter – sitting in the cave watching a film, the football or an NFL game – the summer months are all about being outside and enjoying life. I am on a Blood Bowl surge at the moment and really want to capitalise on the enthusiasm by getting something painted.

I was pondering this a little on Twitter earlier today. My plan was to paint something in the evenings whilst I watch the World Cup in the background; in the UK the games are all evening and nighttime kick offs so perfect for painting. The fantastic Darren (@howlinggriffon on Twitter) said that he needed to paint something for a tournament that he’s signed up for. It was shortly after that he came up with the killer suggestion – we both commit to painting a Blood Bowl team and use each other for motivation.

So there it is the World Cup Painting Pact (#WorldCupPaintingPact), starting now and ending on Sunday 13th July with the World Cup Final. Pick something to paint and use each other for motivation.

I’ll be painting in the evenings and posting pictures here and on Twitter to keep me on track and will be painting a full Blood Bowl team of 14 to 16 players. I’ll probably be doing my Chaos team but will make the final selection tomorrow. We’ve also got Dave (@ThadrinBB) joining us with his Goblin/Halfling Scotling team.

There are no prizes, no glory, no fame and certainly no fortune but the World Cup Painting Pact will help to get a few miniatures painted.

If you want to keep track of progress then just check back here or follow us on Twitter and by all means join us!

Now let’s get painting.