Getting started with my WFB High Elves

I’ve been working on my starter list for my High Elves recently, alongside my other adventures in hobby. It’s the closest that I’ve been to these plastic minis since I started the collection in the summer.

I’ve put together a simple list using one of the online army builder tools (BattleScribe). It’s a very simple list, nothing fancy and is based on the contents of the Island of Blood set plus some of the other purchases that I’ve made. With magic items etc I should be able to make 1000pts out of it, and it is certainly enough to be getting on with and will give me some nice units that I can expand on in the future.

  • Noble
  • Mage (L2)
  • 5 x Ellyrian Reavers
  • 10 x Archers
  • 10 x Lothern Sea Guard
  • 10 x Swordmasters of Hoeth
  • 10 x White Lions
  • 2 x Repeater Bolt Throwers

I’ve been busy cutting the models off the sprues, removing mould lines and giving them a clean. I’ve based them using a simple coarse sand and have primed them with Chaos Black. There are still a few to strip/assemble and I’m interested to see what they are like to paint as most of my experience has been with metal minis up to now. I like the weight of a metal mini as I hold it and the plastic ones that I’ve painted so far have felt a little odd to handle.

I chose the Chaos Black as that seems to be used the most with the painting guides that I’ve seen online and I hope that it will allow me to get better definition on my shadows and dark areas. White primer is a pain to paint over really as you have to cover everything.

I’ve not thought about uniform colours but have been reading what I can on the forums to get some inspiration; there’s also the White Dwarf. Some people can do amazing things with a paintbrush! It’s very inspirational but at the same time a little daunting given what I know is possible with the same models. I’m starting to read more of the Army Book to see if there’s any particular fluff or region that stands out to me. It’s a fun army so a bit of theme and fluff would be nice to base the army on.

Some of the models look as if I can paint them assembled so I’ve glued them already, whereas others, such as the Mage will be simpler to paint before assembly. I’m going to work on a unit of spearmen or archers first of all as these are the core of the army and will not be my centre pieces going forward. Although saying that I am very much taken with the Ellyrian Reavers as I don’t think I’ve painted a mounted figure before.

Below are a few shots of what I’ve put together so far. The Ellyrian Reavers were a pain in the backside to assemble. They were the first models that I put together and it was not a good introduction to the newest WFB miniatures. Fitting the heads in between the two halves of the model was the painful bit. The rest pushed together ok, but the heads didn’t seem to fit in as easily.

There will be more posts on this in the future as I start to assemble and paint up more units.

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40K anyone?

When I was a kid I played Warhammer (Fantasy) a little bit. We had a halfsized snooker table in one room in the house and my brother and I used to put a bit of chipboard on top and make hills out of foam for our battle scenes. I think there was a lot of Orcs vs Elves; but based on my digging in the old toy cupboard not a lot survived. 

We didn’t really ever get into 40K, although my brother did collect a few of the models. The closest I got to 40K was Space Marine. I think it’s just called Epic now. Something about that game really grabbed me and I used to play it with a friend quite a lot. 

I was looking over the gaming club’s forums and 40K seemed to be played quite a lot so I thought I’d investigate. I’ve just got myself a rulebook and will read it a few times before committing myself to collecting a new army. I’m not as enthused about it as I am about Blood Bowl. Time and money are massive drawbacks for me and 40K at the moment. I’ll keep it ticking along in the background I think. Warhammer is an altogether more serious game than Blood Bowl!