Starting to get back to normality

It has been quite a while since I last managed to write a post and it has been for good reason as for the last few weeks I have been helping my better half with her business. Our house has been extremely busy and I’ve not been able to stop for any sort of free time, let alone hobby time. Anyway that’s over for now and it’s just the Christmas period to get through. There is some light at the end of the hobby tunnel.

There are still a few hobby updates to share though. The biggest is probably X-Wing. I’ve not played a game for over 12 months, but the new Star Wars trailer must have awakened something (geddit?) in me and I’m back listening to X-Wing podcasts, reading websites and buying expansions. I’m not interested in any of the really large ships as I am just interested in simple dog fights if I’m honest, so I’ve been ordering ships from the releases that I missed in my time away. Frustratingly I found that buying expansion packs is still nigh-on impossible and I’ve got months to wait until the new ships actually arrive. At least it will give me time to dust off the stuff that I already have. I suspect that my general Star Wars excitement will build exponentially over the next year until the new film is released.

I’ve not been able to get in any games of tabletop Blood Bowl and have not even been able to find time to schedule FUMBBL matches in the Twitter Beard League (TBL). I have though got my Meiko Miniatures Ratmen and Underworld teams through in the last week. They look really nice and I can’t wait to paint them. I don’t know why but I was really shocked that they were all metal miniatures. They feel really nice and weighty compared to the plastic that I’ve been playing with recently. Sadly they’re still in the packaging and the box has gone straight on the shelf for now. I’m still waiting for the three teams that I purchased through the Impact! Miniatures Kickstarter which is a shame. I’ve also been picking up 2nd and 3rd edition GW goblins and have enough now to make a full team – another project. The plastic Nurgle and High Elf conversions that I started a while ago are still in various states of assembly and are currently sitting on a tray on a different shelf. I’ve also been looking at sideline counters, tokens, figures, and dugouts. I quite fancy making some generic items to support my teams. Another thing on the (long) list!

I am signed up to three tournaments in the next 6 months, the first of which is at the end of February. I have no idea what I want to play yet, just as I have no idea what I want to play in the new league season. I am also strongly considering stripping and repainting my 2nd edition metal Human team so that I can take them to the NAFC in May. Now that my painting has improved a bit I think I could do a better job with them.

I have also been skirting around the fringes of Epic. I’ve catalogued the collection that I have and have found myself looking at lists and the bits that are missing. I’m caught between selling it all or spending a little(!) bit to be able to make up some forces. Still not sure. It’s third on my list of game priorities anyway.

It is still going to be a couple of weeks until I fully get back into things. I hope that until I get time back in the cave, I can make some decisions about what teams I want to play and what I want to focus on. I can then crack on and get things done.


Quick hobby update

I’ve just looked at when I last posted here and it wasn’t that long ago although for some reason it feels like it has been months. I’ve got a few things that I want to share shortly but thought that for now I’d briefly update on the progress that I’ve made.

Since I last posted I have primed nearly 70 Blood Bowl miniatures ready for some winter painting. There’s an undead team as well as dark elves, chaos dwarves and norse. They join the dwarves on the shelves ready for some painting. I put dark elves in that list but I have since painted them! I’ll do a separate post with some pictures but they were done very quickly using some classic Blood Bowl colours. I don’t have a plan for playing them in the near future so they have gone back on the shelf but this time with paint on.

Talking of my shelves (interesting I know), I needed to buy some more of the little plastic display cases that I have been using but saw that they’ve massively increased in price. So much so that I started to look elsewhere and found a really cheap glass display case from Ikea. I picked it up last weekend but haven’t put it together yet. It’s going to mean a little rearrange of the cave again (which I love anyway).

I’ve not been paying any FUMBBL but quite fancy playing a game or two again. I’ve been spectating again which is a good start. Gaming and tabletop-wise I am playing at the Exiles tournament next weekend and will be taking my Ogres. I was hoping to be able to take my custom pitch but am waiting for the final version to be printed following the changes that I made. The changes were minor and the kind of thing to expect when printing a large mass of colour on such a large scale on a slippery surface. I am still hoping to be able to get a pitch to the winner of ExeBowl which is now only a few weeks away. I’ve not played any other games; summer is a quiet time at the club.

On the hobby side of things I have made a decision to try to get better a painting. I’m never going to be brilliant but would like to try to improve given the amount of time and money that I spend on the hobby side of things. I have been watching some painting tutorials online and am using my Warhammer High Elves (remember them?) to practice on. I’ve done one and numbers two and three are underway. So far I am really pleased with my progress. I’ll going to share my experiences here and will post more regular updates. I hope that we’ll be able to see improvement between posts 🙂 I’m enjoying the process so much that I am probably going to paint a whole High Elf army and have been looking online for nice miniatures to paint.

That’s enough for now. There are likely to be more posts over the winter as I get back into my evening routine of football on the radio and NFL on Sunday evenings.