Completed – Blood Bowl Underworld Team

Ok, so this is a massive cheat! I recently completed my Goblin team but for a long time have had an urge to play Underworld a bit more. I nearly played them in my league last year and nearly took them to the NAFC. My Goblin team is mainly made up of GW 2nd Edition models and I’ve been collecting Skaven from the same period so the logical thing to do was to paint up the 6 Skaven that are needed to create an Underworld team. So I finished stripping these models and have painted them in the same colour scheme as my Goblins. I may well end up painting the rest of the 2nd Edition Skaven that I have in the same scheme further down the line.





Twitter Beard League – Season 2

The Twitter Beard League or TBL has just finished Season 2 and I am pleased to say that I was crowned Champion. My rookie Underworld team the Cav’rn Creepers finished with 3 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.

Now it is only four games but I’m really pleased with the win. I’ve not won anything (except Stunty Champion) before and it feels sweeter having done it with Underworld.

I took the troll, all the skaven, a bunch of goblins and 4 rerolls. I don’t normally take that many rerolls but I wanted to play this a little crazy and knew from the beginning that I wanted to push my luck a bit…which I did…a LOT!

My usual setup was to put the troll and two goblins on the line and see what happened. I got really lucky with the goblins and they very rarely got POWed. If they didn’t get knocked over then I was able to dodge them away next turn. They’re tricky little things to knock down at low TV when most teams don’t have Tackle pieces and there is usually limited Block.

I loved the movement of the goblins and Stunty lets you get to all sorts of places. I did get a Two Head goblin after the last game so will have to try him out in the future. The skaven are great fun too and are played differently than they would be in a normal skaven team. All of your skaven players are important positionals to an Underworld roster. I’ve now got one Blitzer with Claw and one with Mighty Blow. Good times 🙂

I managed to skill up the troll and took Tentacles since I had Lizards and Halflings next. My plan was to tie up the skinks and the ‘flings. I need a lot of practice with Big Guys. The ogre was a weak link in my Human team in Season 1; my play style is naturally conservative and I don’t really like throwing blocks with Loners. Silly I know but my big guys tend to be road blocks rather than machines of destruction. The Tentacles didn’t really work. I think they did once to good effect but my positioning isn’t good enough to be really effective. Claw and a bit more risk may have been a better bet.

Here is an extreme example of my luck during the little tournament. It wasn’t all like the but I think that a lot of the time things went my way and the fourth ‘extra’ reroll meant I pushed things more than I usually would. I think it was against the Orcs in game 2 that my team went on a murder spree for the first few turns and certainly in game 1 against the Amazons I did some silly things that meant I needed a dodge to score having made it hard for myself.

The TBL is the most fun that I’ve had playing Blood Bowl online. It’s a small group of friends playing for fun. No set schedule. No pressure. Perfect for me. We’ve just started season 3 and I’m trying Norse out for the first time. I’m really looking forward to it 🙂