Playing as Skaven in Blood Bowl – Lessons picked up after 3 games

I’ve only played three games in 20 years and I’ve never played skaven before, so I am no expert(!)…but here are the few tips that I’ve picked up so far.

  1. Gutter Runners are brilliant. This may sound obvious, but it needs saying again and again. Gutter Runners are brilliant. Now of course they have weaknesses ST and AV but with MA9 and AG2 they can really fly.
  2. Use Gutter Runners to pressure the ball. As you skill up and progress players this gets easier but even having a Runner in position to assist or blitz makes a difference. I’d rather make the opposing coach make a play than just let him walk through me.
  3. Tackle zone management is essential when defending. As skaven you are not built for hitting or being hit so you need to cover the gaps with tackle zones. Again the principle is to make the other coach play a good game rather than expose your team.
  4. Kicking off to start the game is an acceptable strategy. As a skaven coach you need to assume that you are going to score on if not every then most possessions. By kicking off in the first half you are forcing the other coach to score when you have a full strength team…you probably won’t be so lucky in the second half.
  5. AV7 is weak and you will lose players. Don’t get attached to your Linerats, they are there to let your positional players do their stuff. They need to absorb blocks that would otherwise be directed at your Blitzers or the Runners.
  6. Always know where your ball movers are and keep an imaginary line/triangle between them all. Linking together your main ball movers (Thrower if you have one and the Gutter Runners) is the key to success so always know how they can get and then move the ball.
  7. Move – Handoff – Move – Pass – Move. This is the play that will move the ball quickest and furthest and with some good dice rolls will mean you can score in two or three turns. The throw is best done as a Quick Pass from a rick perspective but don’t be afraid to make the longer pass if the game demands it. The Thrower gets a reroll for his Pass skill and the Runners can dodge out of tackle zones with a Dodge reroll too. If you line it up properly the ball will move very quickly.
  8. Don’t forget the workhorses. Let’s face it the Gutter Runners are going to score and they are going to make quick passes. In league play this will mean Star Player Points and lots of them. But you’re not going to want to put Kick on your star Gutter Runner. Where possible try and involve your other players, who doesn’t want the chance to get Guard or Claw on a Blitzer, or Kick and Wrestle on a Linerat? If you supercharge the Gutter Runners and ignore the supporting cast you may not keep scoring as other teams skill up around you and kill your four best players.

Do you guys have any tips for playing Blood Bowl with skaven? I’d love to hear them and learn from you guys.

Do you disagree with any of the tips that I’ve picked up so far?

Let me know. I’ll revisit this post as I find new ways of playing with skaven 🙂