ExeBowl – Swag alert!

ExeBowl is Exeter’s first NAF approved Blood Bowl tournament and is being hosted by Rygas Roughnecks gaming club.

It’s our very first Blood Bowl tournament and from Day 1 the aim has been to keep it simple, balance the books and have some fun. We want to get the tournament established in the South West circuit and hope that there will be many more ExeBowl’s in the future.

That plan meant that we weren’t able to offer some of the swag and prizes normally associated with tournaments. Until now…

Thanks to the generous support of the Roughnecks and the support of those that have already paid for the event, I am able to go ahead and offer 2 custom ExeBowl dice to all players as part of their registration as well as one entry to the raffle prize draw.

Everyone will be in with a chance of going home with a nice prize.

On top of that I will also be able to offer a prize to the winner of the first ExeBowl and some smaller prizes for other awards.

Full details of the prizes will follow.

Again this wouldn’t be possible without the Roughnecks and those that have showed support for the tournament so far.

Thank you.



Need a good sleep tonight…match tomorrow

I’ve got my first real life, against another person, game of Blood Bowl tomorrow night. I’m taking my skaven and I think he’s playing elves. The coach made the semi-finals of the club league this year after a pretty monstrous campaign with his norse team. I’m really looking forward to it; I’ve got my game bag packed already and have checked and double checked it. 

There’s quiet talk of a few of us setting up a perpetual league at the club and as someone who (currently) only plays one game, this is fantastic news. The new league won’t start for months yet, so this would be a good opportunity to get some games under my belt and to build and run a team for the first time. Time permitting I may be able to run a bashy team and a passing team too. I think I know my style of play but it’s always worth being sure.

I’m going to try and keep a record of all my games and post some basic match reports, even for these initial friendly matches.

Honey, I’m home!

Ok, so the last few months have been a barren hobbywise. The house move and subsequent decorating marathon have taken all my time. The dark and wet days and nights have been spent with paint bushes but not of the miniature kind 😦 

But, I am back now. My little boy has just turned 2 and has started pre-school a couple of mornings a week. This gives me something ever so precious….time.

I didn’t join the Blood Bowl league that I wanted to; I did the decent thing though and withdrew before starting out knowing that I couldn’t commit to the full schedule. The reason that I’m posting now though is that I am inspired.

This week, I popped along to my local gaming club (Rygas Roughnecks) for the first time on their regular Wednesday night. I sat in and watched one of the Blood Bowl semi-final matches and have said that I’ll be back soon with my skaven team. I’ve managed about 6 hours of painting in the last couple of days and have got 12 models nearly done and have just started on another 7 (mutants and star players plus a few more linerats). I’ve also ordered a few bits and bobs that I needed and have started planning my next teams based on the models that I already have. I’m thinking Humans, Elves and Chaos Pact.

Right back to the painting table 🙂