Blood Bowl – Tabletop Reference Cards

I don’t play much Blood Bowl; I try but there’s not always the demand at my club outside of the league season and I am new to tournament play. As a result when I do come across one of the more usual races with some of the non-standard skills (i.e. not Pass, Block, Dodge etc) I need a way of remembering how they work and what the basic attributes are. I also need a way of having this information to hand and usable in a small space. A lot of time with Blood Bowl I find that there’s not much room at the table for everything you need. Cases and books get left under tables and chairs and rosters are an afterthought.

At my most recent tournament I saw some small reference cards that looked like they were part of a special play deck. I got inspired and produced my own trading card style reference cards covering some of the key tables, race summaries, essential skills and inducements. They aren’t complete and I will end up adding to these over time as I come across new scenarios.

Version 0.1 of the Reference cards

Version 0.1 of the Reference cards

I’ve taken details from the CRP, the CRP Ickle book and the Rules Clarifications on the NAF website. The cards are 2.5″ wide and 3.5″ tall which means they are standard trading card dimensions (I am told) and you can therefore use card protectors with them. I have printed them onto card and put them into protectors. I intend to use them in games by taking the card for the race that I’m facing as well as the cards for any secret weapons or inducements that I need, and placing them on the pitch in front of me where I’d usually have my dice.

If you’ve got any suggestions for new cards or notice any errors then please let me know and I’ll update them.

Blood Bowl Tabletop Reference Cards v1.0


Blood Bowl – Tournament Roster Template

I created a tournament roster template for ExeBowl based on the brilliant Halfling Scribe spreadsheet that you can find on website. It’s a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that pulls through the costs and skills of all the player positions and includes rules for inducements and Star Player selection.

As with most tournaments ExeBowl has a Team Value limit and some rules about the number and type of skills that can be selected. The ExeBowl roster sheet takes these rules and applies them (I hope) to the roster so that you can see straight away if your roster is tournament legal or not. I’ve also added columns for the skill selection for each player so that you can see if it is a Normal or a Double skill and it is then displayed separately from a player’s basic skills.

When I attended my first tournament I took this template, stripped out some of the validation and used it to put together my team.

I’ve kept is fully unprotected in keeping with the way that the Halfling Scribe version is found on the NAF site. I like to keep one master document and save a copy of each of the roster sheets that I build and eventually take, keeping one sheet as a template.

I find it useful and a couple of the other players have found it useful too.

So I thought that you might find it useful too.

Blood Bowl Tournament Roster

My Blood Bowl Competition Rules Printable Reference Card

I used to find the reference cards that came in the Blood Bowl boxed set very useful, even when I was more familiar with the rules. Coming back into the game I found that there wasn’t a reference included as part of the rules pack, so I put together this 2-sided reference card to help me quickly find everything that I need to play a league match of Blood Bowl using the Competition Rules.

As much as possible I’ve used the text as found in the rules, but where I’ve needed the space I have made edits as appropriate. As a newbie, I’ve tried to keep as much of the narrative elements as possible, as I still need it when playing.

Please feel free to use it, I hope you find it useful.

I’ve done my best to verify it, but if you do find any errors or if you think I’ve omitted anything or have any other suggestions then please let me know.

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