What’s up next on the painting table?

So my elves are done (except for a coat of varnish that is) and I need to move on to another project. There are three things that need my attention…

I’ve got a Blood Bowl 2nd edition halfling team complete with two original treemen that have been staring at me lovingly for a while now. I’ve been giving them longing glances too, I must admit. Second on the list is the primed and ready to go collection of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves. I’m really looking forward to working in these and am going to do my best to stick to the techniques and guides that GW publish. I’ve also got a nice box of White Lions to put together thanks to ‘er indoors 🙂

But, the project that I need to tackle next is my Blood Bowl ogre team. I’ve got a goal to play in my first ever Blood Bowl tournament next year and I’ve decided to take a ‘fun’ ogre team to the party. I’ve got six lovely old ogres to do and some snotlings to complete the roster. The snotlings are mainly Warhammer ones but there are a couple of my ancient Blood Bowl ones in there, I may even try and greenstuff some helmets onto them to make them more sporty. We’ll see!

I’m going with 30mm round bases that should be winging their way to me now. Then it’s finding the time and the temperature/humidity to prime them – easier said than done at the moment. I’ve not thought about colour scheme yet, but think that I’m going to try for a more eclectic mix for the ogres; they’re going to be mercenaries brought together for one last hurrah before retiring to ogre stud, but the coach has enough trouble getting them all to play together let alone wear the same uniform. I’ve not got the tournament booked in yet so there’s no real rush although I’d like them done in the next few weeks so at least they are there ready for when I do need them.

I’ll post some pictures, probably on Twitter, as I work my way through them.

After ogres I think the High Elves will have to be next, but things change and I’m still looking to pickup some undead minis for Blood Bowl so who knows? 😉


Completed – Blood Bowl Orcs

Funny how things work out some times. My last post was a couple of weeks ago and it was an early work in progress post on my Blood Bowl 3rd edition plastic orcs.  I’d decided on the colour scheme and had just done a first watered down green as a base. Here I am now to say that I’ve finished them! The whole lot!

I’m as shocked as you are. It’s the time of year. I said over the summer that there are things that I’d rather do than paint when it’s still warm and light outside. Now that we’re back to rain and darkness and the chill is just coming back to the evenings, I love to hide myself away in the cave, paintbrush in hand and podcast or football playing on the radio. I think it is going to be a productive winter.

So what about the team themselves? Well, I went for my usual conveyor-belt a approach to paint them all at once. I like to be able to mix the colours once and apply them evenly to the whole team. I had a few issues with the priming on some of the models. I’m not sure if this was related to the plastics, the stripping that I had to do on a few of them of something else. Either way a few of them have a slightly different texture to the finish than the others. I’m not worried about it. I’m not at a standard to win any painting competitions and they are for tabletop play only.

The green is a base of GW/Citadel Waaagh Flesh, one coat diluted about 50/50 with water and then a second coat with only 80/20 to give a more solid finish. I then applied a wash of Coelia Greenshade and a few highlights using Warboss Green. To finish the flesh I drybrushed with Hellion Green. The Black Orcs were done in exactly the same way except with the addition of some Abaddon Black to the initial base coat mix.

The yellow is a base of Averland Sunset using the method as for the green followed by a wash of Casandora Yellow. To finish the armour I drybrushed with Hexos Palesun.

The black is Abaddon Black with a drybrush of Dawnstone. Details are done using Mephiston Red, Warplock Bronze and White Scar.

I think the black bases with the simple coarse black sand is very effective. I found a jar of black sand in Hobbycraft for £5 and PVA’d it directly to round bases that I painted with Abaddon Black straight from the pot.

In terms of technique, I’m slowly adding a few new elements to my painting as well as the lessons learnt from previous efforts. I’m using a basic prime, base coat, a shade/wash, one unblended highlight and then drybrushing and fine details. I still can’t do faces, so this is an area to work on in the future.

I like to do all of the base coats in one round, then all of the shades and drybrushing etc. Therefore all of the models all come together at the same time. It’s a hard slog when you’re starting off in the base coat phase, but gets more rewarding once everything is base coated. I’m not sure if this is the best or simplest approach, and would be interested to hear how you tackle the challenge of painting a number of minis at the same time. I just find that I’m not neat enough to be able to complete a section of a mini without the risk of me messing it up when I move to the next section. Using the method that I use, I think I get the cleanest, most consistent, finish to every mini for my current skill level.

Here are a few pictures. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on them as well as your approach to painting.


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