Ideas for NAF website

There’s been talk of a new NAF website for years and there’s new software due for release this year to help run tournaments. The software is specifically needed for the upcoming Blood Bowl World Cup but will be available for Tournament Organisers (TOs) as a replacement to “Score!”.

My understanding from the NAFCast (the NAF’s own podcast) is that it is being developed by the same company and my hope is that they properly interact with each other and allow TOs, coaches, NAF members and interested Blood Bowlers to manage their tournaments, view their records, post results and add information such as rosters, match reports and photos. As well as a website and some offline software, I’d also really like an App to do some of the basic tasks. I’d love for coaches to receive notification of their next tournament matches via the app, and then for them to be able to post photos and comments about the match via the app as well as submitting (with confirmation from opponent) the result which then automatically posts it to the TOs software.

I’d love coaches to be able to submit their rosters to the TOs through the website and for the rosters to be recorded in the NAF database as part of the key information available for display and interrogation.

As well as all of the functional bell and whistles, any new site MUST provide all of the information that any new Blood Bowl player would need to get into the tabletop and online games, as well as everything that you need to run a league and a tournament. If should be the #1 resource for Blood Bowl in the World and in itself be a reason for coaches to want to join the NAF.

I pulled together the sketches below in a few minutes (literally – it took longer to scan them than draw them). I have passed them onto the NAF and am always available to help them and the game. I don’t know what they have in mind or when their changes will be released but I hope that they’ve gone down this route.

Ideas for NAF App

Ideas for NAF website


RTTNAFC : Game 1 (Norse v Skaven)

As Round 1 of the RTTNAFC tournament comes to an end, I thought I’d quickly summarise my first game. I was playing my 1100TV Norse team. I’ve taken a Snow Troll, one Ulfwerener, 1 Runner, 2 Beserkers, 7 Linemen, 1 Apothecary and 3 Rerolls. For my three normal skills that I can select for the first three rounds I have given Mighty Blow to the Troll, Block to the Ulf and Sure Hands to the Runner.

Hellspire Snowstorm

My reasoning behind the selections are based around never having played Norse and never having managed the blocking and positioning risks of Frenzy to this level. For that reason I only took one Ulf and have given him Block for the extra level of protection. I sacrificed the second Ulf for the third reroll. The rules don’t allow you to pick Double skills until Round 4 and I wanted the Troll to be useful early; he’s my riskiest piece but also a potential killer (ands therefore target) when the Mighty Blow is combined with his Claw.

So onto the match. The skaven that I was facing had 4 Gutter Runners, 2 Blitzers, 1 Thrower, 4 Linerats, 2 Rerolls and the Star Player Hakflem Skuttlespike. Hakflem is basically a stronger, mutated Gutter Runner with the skills to let him go anywhere and do anything. The coach had selected Guard on both of the Blitzers and Wrestle on one of the Gutter Runners. I suspected the tactic would be to get the ball to Skuttlespike, protect him with the Guard Blitzers and let him do the rest.

I’m not going to go into too much detail as the beauty of FUMBBL is that you can go and watch the replay for yourselves 🙂 Basically though, I kicked off to the Skaven who took the ball down their left and attempted to get it Hakflem. It took me a couple of turns to get used to my players, the prime example being surfing a Gutter Runner with my Ulf…and getting him stuck there to be surfed himself next turn. The first few turns played out as expected except that I was doing it without my Runner in Reserve. A FUMBBL bug triggered when I mis-marked the player at kickoff meant he was missing for a drive (the bug has been logged and didn’t affect the game). The first score took a little longer than expected after the Skaven’s handoff to Hakflem failed which gave me a chance to recover the ball. The Guard and my positioning didn’t give me the ball for long though and I was 1-0 down.

It did give me the chance to get the ball and attack the Skaven players though. I was able to get the ball, cage up and march downfield for the Turn 8 score causing quite a lot of destruction along the way. I received in the second half with a numbers advantage and this continued for another 8 turns as I made my way downfield with the Skaven valiantly trying to stop me. The Wrestle Gutter Runner was proving to be a real pain and when he did find himself on the floor my players rushed to him and made sure he didn’t get up!

So a 2-1 win in my first game and 4 casualties leaving me on +3 points. I’m very happy with that especially as I think I grew into the team and once I got used to them I was more successful.

Interestingly this was my opposing coach’s very first game on FUMBBL. It was therefore a great example of bring tabletop or Cyanide players to the FUMBBL environment. I hope that it works the other way too and brings online players to the tabletop game 🙂

Round 2 is sure to bring a new set of challenges for the Hellspire Snowstorm!

If you want to see the game then you can take a look at the replay here –


Road to the NAF Champs

After much umming and arring I decided to enter the Road to the NAF Championship tournament on FUMBBL. The RTTNACF is the first NAF-sanctioned online tournament and marks a new phase in the history of Blood Bowl.

Tabletop tournaments have been the traditional domain of the NAF but last year they ran an event on Cyanide (‘s version of Blood Bowl) which gave the winner entry to the NAF Championship in Nottingham. This year they have taken it one step further and actually created a sanctioned tournament with the good folks over on FUMBBL. The winner gets a ticket to the tabletop tournament in May.

As you may know I have a love-hate relationship with online Blood Bowl. I want to play more games but am not really a fan of computer games and I don’t really like being watched playing them*. Even when I spectate games I feel like a voyeur. It makes me uncomfortable. anyway, I’ve already got my NAF ticket and won’t win the RTTNAFC but thought it would be good to get a few games in and to try to work my way into enjoying online Blood Bowl more. I’ll be playing 1 game a week for the next 6 weeks. It is Swiss style and resurrection so as much like a tabletop tournament as you can do.

I’ve picked a Norse team (again). At the time of writing I have still never played them. Here’s my team –

I’ve taken a Yeti and want to try to use him. I’ve only taken one Ulf and have given him Block on Day 1 which means that other than the Yeti all of my players will have the Block skill. I’ve taken Mighty Blow on the Yeti and along with his Claw and Frenzy hope to do some damage.

Other than that I just want to have some fun and to be part of the first NAF sanctioned online tournament. If all goes well I’ll take part in more throughout the year and maybe get to the online and tabletop 24** over the next few years.

*my cunning solution to this is gaffer tape over the spectators section on the client and turn the sound off 🙂

**playing all of the 24 official races in NAF sanctioned events.

Blood Bowl – ExeBowl Tournament Report

Things have been super busy recently but yesterday one of my hobby projects came to fruition – ExeBowl. Here’s a tournament report that I submitted to the NAF site. I’ll  be posting a few more articles about my current hobby projects and my experience of being a first time tournament organiser shortly.

ExeBowl I – Tournament Report

The months of advertising and forum posts were over. The rosters were in and checked. The last minute switch of players was resolved. The prizes and other give aways were packed. The lunch order was in. The cleaner had finished his rounds. The tables and chairs were set up ready. All was still.

The morning of Saturday 18th October had finally arrived…and so had ExeBowl.

32 coaches turned up to support the first ExeBowl tournament and they brought with them a good mix of races and rosters. 19 races were represented with only Slann, High Elf, Pro Elf, Ogre and Halfling not in attendance. The coaches were a good mix of new tournament players and experienced hands; 14 players were eligible for the ‘Rookie Wonder’ award for the highest ranked player with fewer than 5 NAF tournaments under their belt. Following recent changes to NAF sanctioning the coaches were playing for a NAF trophy, the first time that this would be awarded at a 3 game event, as well as prizes donated by Element Games. Coaches were also playing for ranking points for the 2015 South West Tournament Championship, with ExeBowl and other one day tournaments being added to the circuit for the new season.

The round one draw pitched two of the pre-tournament contenders – Hawk (Undead) and Sann0638 (Lizardmen) – against tournament rookies from the host Rygas Roughnecks Gaming Club, while the tournament’s only stunty team – Dreamcreator’s Goblins – was paired up with Glowworm’s Underworld. The coaches found their opponents, found a table and started to prepare the teams. The atmosphere in the room was the usual mix of excitement and nerves. Everyone starts the day hoping for the best, but knowing that in a 3 game event, 3 wins will be needed to take the title of Champion. The introductions and roster run downs were soon over and the room was filled with the familiar sound of rattling dice cups and rolling dice. Occasionally the background noise was interrupted by cries of joy or pain as Nuffle’s great plan unfolded. First round wins were recorded by DavidO, Glowworm, Camsbell1514, Sann0638, CeeTee, Mawph, Nightwing, Rubick, Buggrit, SeriousCallersOnly, Hawca, Dionysian and Hawk.

Lunch was delivered as the games came to an end and the stories of crazy dice, dare-devil plays and abject failure were told. The hunger for Blood Bowl meant lunch was quickly devoured and the coaches were eager to get round two underway.

In the second round it was all to play for! Buggrit’s Orcs faced off against Glowworm and his Underworld (who as all playing nearby came to find out had come armed with Claws). Sann0638 was hoping to take his knack of causing casualties from the first game into his second against the equally destructive Hawk. It was’t to be though and several head-in-hand moments ended in a 3-0 defeat. The lesson for all players is don’t fall over in front of a zombie, because he WILL foul you! CeeTee’s Chaos Dwarves came out 2-0 winners against Hawca’s Dark Elves and in the battle of the Rygas club mates Camsbell1514’s Vampires overcame DavidO’s Skaven 2-0. Round two ended with 6 coaches on 2 wins – Glowworm, Hawk, CeeTee, Dionysian, Camsbell1514 and Mawph.

Round 2 also saw a moment of sporting greatness from Canteloup as his coached his opponent JimAlbins to a game levelling one-turn touchdown to end the game 2-2. All this after Jim had taken the advice of some of the tournament regulars – “Kill the rat ogre!”.

Round 3 and the top 3 tables were playing for the positions – Hawk faced Glowworm, CeeTee faced Camsbell1514 and Dionysian’s Wood Elves faced Mawph’s Chaos Pact. With CAS and TD all factoring into the overall result actions in each of the next 16 turns would be vital to the outcome of the tournament. Merrick’s cry of “I’ve got no players left” meant that his result was the first in and Enderman was making big noises in his matchup against Canteloup. The Chaos team doing their best to kill anything vaguely ratlike and the skaven doing what they do and scoring with limited numbers. As the day progressed the mood in the room had become more serious with each passing turn. One by one the results came in and kept a closely guarded secret as they were entered into Score!. Players tried to work out their points total and find out how others had finished. As the tables were being cleared and teams packed away the final results came in the final standings calculated.

The coaches gathered as the announcements were made and the results prepared.

The raffle prize of Impact! Miniatures gift certificates was won by Camsbell1514 who topped off a good day by taking home the ‘Rookie Wonder’ prize too. Most touchdowns (8) was won by JonathanC having come from nowhere to take it after a 5-0 win against the Goblins in the final round. The top ranked players overall also did well in racking up the casualties, but it was Enderman who took the prize thanks to his 7 in the final round.

The Wooden Spoon was taken by Jaskiirl whose Vampires were taking part in their first tournament and the Stunty Champion went to Dreamscreator. There was only one stunty team in the competition but Dreamscreator deserves special mention as he found out that he could make it only two days before the tournament when registration was closed and yet he was still happy to come down and help out uncertain if he was getting a game or not. Just another example of the fantastic Blood Bowl community that we have here in the South West.

At the top, CeeTee and Camsbell1514 played out a draw in the final match to put Rubick back into contention for the places following his 3-1 victory over Lunchmoney. After the tiebreakers were considered 5th was taken by Camsbell1514, 4th went to Rubick playing Humans (like Elves) and 3rd place went to CeeTee. Dionysian won his final game to end the day with 3 wins but it was only enough to take 2nd place.

1st place, and the title of ExeBowl Champion 2014, went to Hawk. His Undead team ending the day 3-0-0, scoring 7, conceding 0 in the process and racking up 17 casualties on the way.

There will be many other stories to tell and hopefully the new tournament players enjoyed their first NAF tournament experience enough to try again.

A massive thanks to all of the players for supporting a new tournament and for making the day easy to run and fun for all.

ExeBowl will be back in 2015, hope to see you there.

Full results and pictures can be found on the History section of


Champion: Hawk

Runner-up: Dionysian

3rd place: CeeTee

4th (International Glowworm): Rubick

Rookie Wonder: camsbell1514

Most CAS: Enderman (share the wealth)

Most TDs: jonathanc

Stunty Champion: dreamscreator

Wooden Spoon: jaskiirl