What I look for in a Blood Bowl miniature

It’s four years since I got back into playing Blood Bowl and in that time I’ve painted 11 teams, organised 2 tournaments, played in 2 league seasons and 5 NAF tournaments. I’ve enjoyed it all and despite a few low periods (mainly in the Summers) I continue to take great pleasure from the game and hobby that I love.

I gave a little goal of having a painted team for each of the 24 races and prompted by a little discussion on Twitter I looked at the gaps in my collection of teams to see what I need to plan to buy. There are so many fantastic miniatures available these days so there is quite a lot of choice. The big gaps – where I have no plans to convert or repurpose – are Amazons, Vampires and Wood Elves, and so I started looking around and asking for recommendations. I had quite a few responses and thought I’d share with you what it is I look for in a Blood Bowl miniature.

First and foremost I want miniatures that represent fantasy football players. Remember that Blood Bowl is a sports game played by great (and not so great) players and watched by crowds of crazy fans. Therefore the armour needs to reflect that these players need to move around the pitch regardless of position and that they are inherently tough professional sportsmen. I also want the detail of the armour and clothing to reflect the background of the race and the position of the player. I hope it goes without saying that Bunny Girls, Nuns, Minions, Lego figures and any other “quirky” alternatives are absolutely banned from my collection.

The next thing that I look for it appearance and usability on the table top. I want miniatures that I can play with. I’m not looking for models that will look good in a display cabinet or in a photograph. I want models that when on the table top accurately reflect their race and position. I want models that can be placed prone on the pitch in a single square and that can easily be identified as prone or stunned. I want miniatures that can fit skill rings and have bases that can hold a football.

A lot of modern teams seem to focus on dynamic verging on acrobatic poses and on having unique poses for every model. I don’t like acrobatic poses and don’t mind dynamic as long as the previous two rules are still followed. Uniqueness is nice as long as it is still clear what position each model represents. I don’t like having different Blitzers models that represent the different roles that a Blitzer may have on the field. I don’t want a killer, a ball carrier or a ball getter for example. I want similar looking models with slight variations in stance and body. I want them to look like different sports players not different types of position.

Finally I want the actual physical model to be 28mm heroic (the classic proportion), I want it to be detailed and to have enough weight to it that it won’t move when the board.

To help illustrate what I’m looking for and what I’m not looking for, here are a few examples.

I really like these Dwarfs from the Iron Golems Indiegogo. (Full disclosure: I have backed this). The style is very much the 2nd/3rd Edition GW minis that I love. They are full of character and the sculpts clearly show what each individual player does. I don’t even like Dwarf teams and already have one but they’re so nice that I had to support them in the hope that they make more teams. I like that the helmets, uniform and pose distinguish the positions.


Iron Golems


This is an example of a Wood Elf catcher from Star Player miniatures that I don’t like. I’m sure it looks nice in the cabinet, but it is not what I want to see on the table top.


Wood Elf


These Amazons from Willy Miniatures are another example of a team that I don’t like very much. Too much diving, crouching and kicking for me.


Willy Miniatures Amazons

These Elves from Black Scorpion received several recommendations and I am really tempted by them. To me, they are better as High or Pro Elves than Wood Elves but they fit what I am looking for in general.


Black Scorpion Elf Team


These are just a few examples. There is a good list of suppliers on The NAF’s website. Not every miniature is for every coach and it is all subjective. This is just my personal view and it is clearly shaped by the period that I first got into the game and the style of the time. There are many alternatives out there these days and we’re very lucky that Blood Bowl has this level of support from the community long after the creator fell out of love with it. If you’re interested in supporting the game then do check out the various funding campaigns that come out and help these manufacturers. I can’t see that there’s much money in it and without the support of us coaches they just won’t get produced which would be a real shame.

I’d love to have your recommendations for Blood Bowl miniatures of any sort. What do you look for in a model and why?


The collection of Blood Bowl teams starts to grow

New year, new teams 🙂

I’m running out of Blood Bowl teams from my old collection and have taken the plunge to get some new non-GW minis. I’ve gone for the $35 chaos dwarves and amazons from Impact! Miniatures. I’ve never seen the minis in real life so this is a bit of a punt for me. I do want to have one of each of the 24 races though and this seems like a good way to get another two into the collection. They’ve not arrived yet, but I will share my thoughts when they do.

I’ve also been sorting through some of the odds that I had on the shelves and upon deciding that I was only a couple of beastmen short of a chaos tournament build have got those from eBay and will be stripping and priming them soon.

I’ve got the ogres and their companion ogres next up on the painting table and the chaos pact are always there somewhere down the line.

I think that I am pretty close to an undeworld team too with a few goblins and skaven needed to complete the set. That may be the next one collected although I am always on the lookout for my dual-purpose necro/undead team.

So this is where I stand so far…

Painted (5)

Skaven, Elves, Humans, Halfling, Orcs

Owned to be painted (5)

Ogres, Amazons, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact, Chaos

Missing (14)

High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Slaan, Underworld, Dwarf, Goblin, Nurgle, Undead, Necromantic, Khemri, Norse, Lizardmen, Vampires




Next models to paint

Once I’ve done the finishing touches on the bulk of the human team, I have the ogre and Griff to complete before I start playing with them in our new league.

I think then that I’m going to go back and finish some of the skaven mutants that I didn’t finish from the first project. Now that I’ve started playing them, I’d like to have some minis to represent any mutations that I roll on the skill chart. I’ve also got some sideline pieces for the skaven team having picked up some Warhammer Fantasy figures to use as score, reroll and turn counters.

I’ve got a few human blitzers to paint up too. I’m a fan of having matching/very similar models on the field to represent the playing positions and I’ve picked up some blitzer models to make up the 0-4 that the human roster is allowed.

It’s about 10 models in all and it should keep me going for a while, especially now that summer is here.

I’m finishing off the undercoating on the elf and chaos pact teams that will come some way down the line. I’m thinking though that I will paint up the 3rd edition plastic orc team next though. I quite like those minis and they are already undercoated ready to go.

These will be my Blood Bowl Pride and Chaos

Chaos All-Stars.

If you are an old school Blood Bowl player then I don’t need to say anything else really.

Despite my elfy throwy, runny, catchy tendencies the Chaos All-Stars were MY team and chaos players in general were the ones I liked the most. A quick search on the internet will show you many people are of the same opinion and you can see many examples of the kind of chaos team that I hope to create. They’ll be my pride and joy. A link back to when I first fell in love with all things Blood Bowl. I’m not going to be painting them for a long time yet so will hopefully have time to, if nit perfect, then at least improve my painting and modelling techniques.

The All-Stars were covered in all of the early rules and books and mutants and loonies in general were more widespread; the rules allowed it out of the box pretty much. Many of the star player cards in the Companion and Star Players books included chaos mutants and they all had miniatures that you could buy.

Chaos team 014

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

This is what I have in my collection so far.

Chaos miniatures

Chaos miniatures

Sadly the end of Lewdgrip Whiparm’s arm has come off. I do have the ball piece so will model that back on. I’m using the minotaur, Zy-nox, which is the one used in the Chaos All-Stars teams and is an awesome sight on the pitch. In the modern rosters this team is Chaos Pact which allows for a goblin, skaven and a dark elf to be added to the marauders and big guys. The dark elf model I am using is star player Tuern Redvenom. I’m going to try and pick up additional pieces over the next few months and replace the one of two minis that don’t quite fit with the ones that I get.

I’m really excited about this team. I’d love to see them out in the Blood Bowl arena again but think that they may end up being for my personal indulgences only.

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Review : KR Multicase Aquilla4 carry case

I thought I’d share a quick review of the KR Multicase Aquilla4. I’m the kind of person that enjoys..more likely needs..to have everything organised. I also like to have things that perform their function really well. The Aquilla4 satisfies me on both counts.

I’ve used it for the last few weeks to take 2 full Blood Bowl teams, plus all the rules, dice, tokens, roster sheets, board and templates along to the gaming club. You can get KR cases in many configurations of case and foam, but I opted for the Blood Bowl Set F foam configuration which means I can safely carry around up to 65 minis. The set comes as two foam trays of 25 cutouts plus one that can be used to carry 15 big guys. So far I have opted to leave the big guys section at home and flatten out the two other sections. This means that I can then get all of my dice etc into the case while allowing enough give in the side pocket to carry the pitch and dugouts. The side pocket does take the pitch but it is a tight fit and I don’t recommend keeping it in there for longer than you need to as it does bend it a tiny bit, which is enough for it not to lay out flat on a table.

It’s just over £30 depending on where you get it but I think if you are going to be regularly carrying your pride and joy to games then it’s a sound investment.

KR Aquilla4 - Open with the foam as I use it

KR Aquilla4 – Open with the foam as I use it

KR Aquilla4 - Open with the minis safe and all my game stuff on top

KR Aquilla4 – Open with the minis safe and all my game stuff on top

KR Aquilla4 - Close with the board and minis

KR Aquilla4 – Close with the board and minis

** Just want to add that I’m not in anyway associated with the manufacturers of this product. I’m just a gamer, hobbyist with a blog and I like to share things that I like or find useful. **

Displaying my 28mm miniatures

Now that the man/hobby cave is finished, I finally have some space to spread my hobby wings.

I’ve not got much room in there and certainly not enough for a large display case, but still I think it would be nice to show off some of the finished minis. A lot of my unpainted, unused, collection of minis are in boxes with the finished team and the next two in line for painting in foam. As I complete more teams I want to be able to keep a few either on the desk or on the shelves, without getting covered in dust.

I took a look on Amazon for display cases and came across these. As they are only £4.50 I thought they were worth a go and so got two. They arrived earlier this week and I’m quite impressed. The quality is really good and they take 15 miniatures comfortably. At L20.5cm x D10cm x H10.5cm, the figures are quite low in the case so I’m going to build something to raise them up into two or three levels. I’m thinking I’ll make something out of lollipop sticks, paint it up and make a kind of wooden stand to show them off.

They’ll look really nice on the shelves and looking at them all the time will make me want to play with them more 🙂

The plastic case opened up

The plastic case opened up

15 miniatures in the case

15 miniatures in the case


** Just want to add that I’m not in anyway associated with the manufacturers of this product. I’m just a gamer, hobbyist with a blog and I like to share things that I like or find useful. **

Painting Table…or Tables

So this is the list of Blood Bowl teams that I have to work on over the next few months. It’s not accounting for me wanting to get new teams or starting out in other games 😉

  1. Humans – 2nd edition metal in Miami Dolphins inspired colours
  2. Chaos Pact – Mainly 2nd edition metal minis (blog post to come on this team)
  3. Elf – 2nd edition metal probably as Galadrieth Gladiators
  4. Orcs – 2nd edition metal
  5. Dwarves – Have about half a team of 2nd edition minis and will try and pick up the rest
  6. Halflings – 2nd edition metal
  7. Humans – 3rd edition plastic
  8. Orcs – 3rd edition plastic

These are all GW minis and I think I’d like to try buying minis from one of the other manufacturers next. They weren’t around when I last collected and painted so I am really excited to try them out. I’ve looked at some of the catalogues online and must say some of them are beautiful.

I’m going to be busy!