The man cave gets a tidy

Since I spent the best part of a winter decorating the house and then working on the man cave I don’t think I’ve posted here anything on what it looks like now.

Earlier I spent a little bit of time moving and reorganising the furniture and my hobby stuff. I’m a good organiser. I like having things organised and well stored. My problem is that I’m not really a neat and tidy person. Over time things just get messy and rubbish piles up and things don’t get put away and, well, things need reorganising.

Part of the changes are due to me painting more and being more interested and active in the miniatures hobby. There are a few important things for me in the cave. The computer is vital as it gives me my streaming TV, films and Youtube tutorials. I use the cave a lot over the winter months with the NFL or football on in the background either on the TV or the radio. I also like to have all of my paints, brushes and other tools close to hand as well as the miniatures that I am working on and want to work on next. I don’t find it daunting having a pile of things to do, I find it quite motivational. I also like to have on display the things that I have done. This is really nice as I can see the progress that I have made over the last year or two.

  • Purple drawers on the right have got my paints in.
  • Box on the lowest shelf above the desk has got my next projects in it.
  • Red boxes have some comedy DVDs and some old camera equipment in.
  • Tall black drawers on the right are full of wires and computer stuff.
  • Tall black drawers on the left with the laptop on top have got assorted hobby and modelling bits in them.
  • The little perspex boxes on the white shelves have got my painted Blood Bowl teams in.
  • Clear box with the green lid has got more Lego in it from when I was a kid.
  • In the other end there is a load of junk behind the curtain and on top there’s my PS3 and my Homebrewed Wii (for Zelda).

This is it looking its best 🙂

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Mancave : First Contact

There are still a few bits and bobs to do, putting the lights back up for example, but I am far too eager to get my stuff in there to finish those now. I’ve done an initial grab from the loft and the spare room to get the majority of my things setup. I’ve noticed that there are some things missing so I’ll need to do a more thorough search for it all another day…again I’m too excited to look now.

So here it is the first glimpse of my home from home in the next few years. Hopefully the place where I’ll be able to hobby away to my hearts content…


The mancave will be done…TOMORROW

Today has been a great day in the cave. I was up early and got the last supplies that I needed to build the desk and worktop. I managed to get a second coat of paint on the ceiling, get the batons and desk up on the right hand side and as well as getting the worktop on the frame on the left end. Finally I got a first coat of paint on the floor 

Tomorrow then I should be able to screw down the shelving, fit the legs to the desk and get it fixed to the wall, get the lights connected, fit a shelf and paint the floor again. Wednesday will then be getting the stuff out of the loft and moving in. The finishing touches can be done over the next few days. I’ve got lots of jobs stacked up in the house now, that I have to get done.


Mancave WILL be done this week…maybe

I’ve been out in the cave doing some painting this morning. I’ve been using up some old blue paint that was left over from doing the boy’s room. I’ve painted one end solid blue (denim) and then some of the blocks on the side walls a light blue. It makes it look more like a place that you want to spend some time in and less like an interrogation room. The ceiling also got a first coat of white paint. It will need a second coat later today as the plaster joins are still sowing through. The paint is the super cheap stuff from B&Q so I am not surprised it needs more than one coat.

The plans for how to hide the washing machine and plumbing have also been sorted and it means I’ll get an extra worktop out of it too. I’ll probably end up putting most of the electrical stuff up on it – consoles, tv, computer bits etc. I’ve got the rails for the shelving that will go over the main desk. Target is to finish the painting, then paint the floor, put up the worktop, then the shelves and desk. Desk and shelves will be white conti board as I’m looking to save a bit of money (so I can spend it on other hobby stuff). Then comes the big move 🙂

More pictures to follow later.

Work in progress on the mancave

I’ve been working hard on the mancave recently. I can see the end of the project and can’t wait to move my stuff in 🙂

I was lucky because the outbuilding was already wired up for power so I only needed to get the electrician to add some new lighting cabling and some new sockets. I’ve stripped the room down the the bare walls, cleaned them and dried them out. Unfortunately the washing machine was in there (and still will be). This has meant that there was a fair bit of damp in the room. There were also a few bits on the exterior that weren’t helping with the moisture inside. For example a piece of the roof had been cut out so that the gate could open at 90 degrees. Great, except it meant that the rain water ran off the roof where it had been cut straight into the brick wall! A combination of ventilation, heating, and dehumidification in addition to fixing the odd bits have meant I’m pretty happy to put stuff in there now.

So, I’ve PVAd the walls and painted them with a cheap white emulsion. It was really quick with a roller, much quicker than the masonry brush that I started with! I’ve recently put up the plasterboard ceiling and have just started to do the joints. Plan is to finish this tomorrow morning. Next on the list is to finish sealing and painting the ceiling, followed by touching up the walls and finally painting the floor. Shouldn’t take too long, although it will need a little bit of planning to make sure I don’t paint myself into a corner or end up splattering paint on a bit that’s just been finished. Then I can put the lights back up and then it’s building a desk and putting up some shelves. As I’ve said before my view of what the cave will look like have changed. Gone is the gentleman’s club feel. In is the practical hobby, gamer geek space.

Mancave update

I am still caveless 😦 Over the last couple of months I have done a fair bit of work inside the cave and have had it ready for painting on no less than three occasions. Each time though the cave has ended up with the spill over from decorating, gardening or moving and the cave refit has regressed. I’ve got the electrics done and the ceiling but I will have to redo part of the ceiling as it’s got mouldy. There is clearly still some work to be done on the ventilation and temperature. Better I know that now than when all my stuff is in it!!

The plan for this week (weather permitting) is to clear out the cave and take down the dodgy ceiling.

Over the weeks my plans for the use of the cave have changed a little too. It was going to be a relaxed, snug type interior. But having seen the amount of stuff that I want to put in it, it is now going to be a hobby workshop – miniatures, outdoor activities, computers/electronics etc. There are about eight medium sized boxes of bits and bobs plus TVs and computers to go in there. I need somewhere to put it and more importantly use it. I’m going to have a wrap around desk and lots of shelving at one end and along two sides, plus cupboard storage in the other end. I’ll then find a suitable chair from which I can command my empire. 

It’s like Toys-R-Us up there

We’re moving house and I’m going to have my very own man/geek cave. I am really excited about it and it’s got me thinking again about my old toys. I’ve been thinking of getting back into a hobby or two to make the most of my free time anyway and this seems like the perfect opportunity to start. I’m going to have to to some work to make the cave liveable as it’s being used as a shed by the current owners. I am also going to have to share my hobby space with my office so I can get my IT business off the ground.

With excitement mounting I’ve been thinking of the games that I really enjoyed as a teenager and the one that stands out is Blood Bowl. I had the polystyrene pitch and the next version which was a printed cardboard pitch. I remember spray painting the polystyrene pitch a bright green. There was no subtlety about it. I had the Star Player book and the Companion as well as lots of 2nd and 3rd edition miniatures. I certainly had an Orc team, a Chaos team and I think an Elf team. My brother, as was his way, played Halflings. We used to go into Portsmouth to play in the GW league in later years (when the rules changed to allow rosters etc). In the days without the internet as we know it White Dwarf was the source of knowledge and information on new rules and models. I was never the best painter that much I remember. But I did try and I loved collecting the mutants and the big guys. In the last week I’ve been catching up on the latest rules and trawling the forums to see what the BB world looks like today. In my mancave I want to make a hobby area for painting and collecting and I fancy making a custom pitch too.

So keen have I been over the last few weeks that I put in a call to my dad to see if he had by any chance kept any of my old toys. When I left home my stock answer to the question of what to do with my old stuff was to throw it away. How glad am I then that my dad ignored me every time?! I should have known really. Anyway he says that there’s a cupboard full of old toys. He reckons it has got Blood Bowl stuff as well as Lego, and a train set. I’m going to pay him a visit next week and am going to pick it all up. I don’t know what is there but it will be fun finding out. I’ll take pictures of it and catalogue it all and then work out what to do with it. Blood Bowl is certainly more appealing than Airfix (which don’t seem as sturdy as they did when I was younger).