Completed – Blood Bowl Khemri Team

The Autumn/Winter is when I make the most progress on my painting and with my hobby stuff in general. This year is already promising to be very productive since I have already completed painting two Blood Bowl teams. Ultimately I want to have painted one team for each of the 24 Blood Bowl races, so getting these done so early in the year is a fantastic achievement.

Khemri are one of those teams that I want to play in a NAF tournament one day, but have very little connection to. I’m not even sure Khemri existed as a dedicated race when I stopped playing Blood Bowl as a student. Anyway, knowing that I was only intending to play up to six games with the team, I plumped for the Pharaohs team from Impact! during the Kickstarter. The models themselves are not very good and from the moment that I unpackaged them, I was down on them as a team. I’ve experienced this with the other Trollcast teams that I’ve purchased but they – the Chaos Dwarves and the Norse – turned out ok. Yes, they are very cheap and you get what you pay for, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying them again. In fact I know I’ll not be buying them again. They are too light, they are a pain to clean up, they break too easily and they lack clarity and detail. They serve as a good entry to the market for beginners, but given that I really enjoy the collecting and painting part of Blood Bowl as much as I do playing, I think spending more money will still be worth it.

Anyway, I got them based up and primed which is more than I can say for the other two teams that I got..more on that another time. They were very much an interim project to be done after my Goblins (more on them later too) and before my next ‘major’ project. I wasn’t happy when I was painting them and just wanted to get them done. The process was very simple. I picked a basic red for the armour and clothing and then base colours for each of the positionals. I applied the base coats and then did an all over wash of Agrax Earthshade. The Tomb Guardian are Ushabti Bone, Blitz-Ras are Calgar Blue, Throw-Ras are Sotek Green, Star Players are Warboss Green and the Linemen are Dawnstone. The all over wash helps to fill in the gaps and ties all of the base coat colours together. It is a very simple an yet very effective technique. It feels like cheating but the end result is what counts! Once the wash had tried I was able to reapply the basecoat colour as a highlight and then pick out some gold details using Retributor Armour. I then painted the already sanded bases with Zandri Dust and then applied a dry brush of Ushabti Bone. The figures themselves are so light that they are too light to play with on the table top so as before I have glued a metal washer to the bottom of the base for weight and stability.

It’s a very quick job and took only a few hours of actual painting time over a couple of days. Yes, they’re basic, but they’ll do the job. They’ve actually turned out better than I thought they would but considering the other miniatures that are on my shelves at the moment, they’re not very good. I’ve not got any tournaments in the diary yet, but I think I will play this lot sooner rather than later; you never know, I may actually enjoy playing them!

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