Getting started with my WFB High Elves

I’ve been working on my starter list for my High Elves recently, alongside my other adventures in hobby. It’s the closest that I’ve been to these plastic minis since I started the collection in the summer.

I’ve put together a simple list using one of the online army builder tools (BattleScribe). It’s a very simple list, nothing fancy and is based on the contents of the Island of Blood set plus some of the other purchases that I’ve made. With magic items etc I should be able to make 1000pts out of it, and it is certainly enough to be getting on with and will give me some nice units that I can expand on in the future.

  • Noble
  • Mage (L2)
  • 5 x Ellyrian Reavers
  • 10 x Archers
  • 10 x Lothern Sea Guard
  • 10 x Swordmasters of Hoeth
  • 10 x White Lions
  • 2 x Repeater Bolt Throwers

I’ve been busy cutting the models off the sprues, removing mould lines and giving them a clean. I’ve based them using a simple coarse sand and have primed them with Chaos Black. There are still a few to strip/assemble and I’m interested to see what they are like to paint as most of my experience has been with metal minis up to now. I like the weight of a metal mini as I hold it and the plastic ones that I’ve painted so far have felt a little odd to handle.

I chose the Chaos Black as that seems to be used the most with the painting guides that I’ve seen online and I hope that it will allow me to get better definition on my shadows and dark areas. White primer is a pain to paint over really as you have to cover everything.

I’ve not thought about uniform colours but have been reading what I can on the forums to get some inspiration; there’s also the White Dwarf. Some people can do amazing things with a paintbrush! It’s very inspirational but at the same time a little daunting given what I know is possible with the same models. I’m starting to read more of the Army Book to see if there’s any particular fluff or region that stands out to me. It’s a fun army so a bit of theme and fluff would be nice to base the army on.

Some of the models look as if I can paint them assembled so I’ve glued them already, whereas others, such as the Mage will be simpler to paint before assembly. I’m going to work on a unit of spearmen or archers first of all as these are the core of the army and will not be my centre pieces going forward. Although saying that I am very much taken with the Ellyrian Reavers as I don’t think I’ve painted a mounted figure before.

Below are a few shots of what I’ve put together so far. The Ellyrian Reavers were a pain in the backside to assemble. They were the first models that I put together and it was not a good introduction to the newest WFB miniatures. Fitting the heads in between the two halves of the model was the painful bit. The rest pushed together ok, but the heads didn’t seem to fit in as easily.

There will be more posts on this in the future as I start to assemble and paint up more units.

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Another team to create…Galadrieth Gladiators

As you know, I’ve been going through my 2nd edition Blood Bowl miniatures trying to make teams that fit the Competition Rules rosters. As a rule I’ve been missing lineman minis. I need to go back through the old rules but it probably allowed for more position players add that to the kicker position disappearing and some races losing positional players such as the orc catcher and you can see why I’m down on lineman.

After a few years(?) of playing Blood Bowl 2nd edition I decided that I liked elves, dark elves and chaos; like most players I also tried orcs and humans. What better elf team, in my mind at least, than the Galadrieth Gladiators led by star blitzer Lucien Swift.

Galadrieth Gladiators from BB Handbook

Galadrieth Gladiators from BB Handbook

Galadrieth Gladiators meet Gouged Eye

Galadrieth Gladiators meet Gouged Eye

Modern Games Workshop has the Gladiators as high elves, but back in the day they were just elves. They featured in the 2nd edition handbook as a team profile and with in-play action shots. Add that to me liking the colours red and blue and you get this…

My Galadrieth Gladiators

My Galadrieth Gladiators

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They were one of the last teams that I painted before giving up for 20 years and are certainly a big improvement on some of the Chaos All-Stars that I sentenced to death by paint brush. I’ve got hold of a few more lineman minis from eBay and will strip and repaint them all, probably as Galadrieth Gladiators again. I’ll also play them as (Pro) Elves in honour of their 2nd edition roots..and having the best catchers in the game isn’t a bad start. Reading some of the forums, I don’t think it’s that popular a roster due to it’s lack of speciality or special player i.e. no wardancers. Still I always liked elves and it would be nice to play them in one off games every now and again which is where I think they excel.

Match Report: Eshin Academy (Skaven) vs High Elves

“So here we are Jim, the Eshin Academy’s first run out into the Blood Bowl arena since they were formed and is it just me or do they look nervous? No, Bob you’re right. We could be in for a short and bloody game tonight…just the way I like it. The coach is trying to get them focused but is spending a fair bit of time in the latrine himself, Jim. Yes, Bob and tonight’s latrines are brought to you by ‘Mandrex Latrine Wipes: Human skin to clean your hole with’.

The elves win the toss and decide to kick and it looks like we’re set for a blizzard. The Academy will at least get a chance to touch the ball tonight. And here we go…

The ball goes high, really high Bob. Yes Jim, and it looks like it landed right on the linerat on the line of scrimmage in the middle…he…catches it. The rats move to get the ball to rookie thrower Gareek Shade, he takes the ball and retreats towards his own endzone. Interesting move there Bob, he seems a little disoriented. The rest of his team though seem intent on trying to punch a hole down the left hand side of the pitch, probably looking to release one of the runners deep into the elves half. Yes, Jim that’s exactly what’s happening. The elves are bunching up in the middle near the line and are looking to hold as many rats in tackle zones as they can. They’ve spotted the runner moving into the backfield and move to cover.

What’s this? The Academy coach seems to be calling a play onto the field. Yes, Jim. It looks like, yes, they are, they’re going for the score. Gareek runs forward down the left and hands off to runner Toxide the Sneak who himself runs forward and looks to pass. The release is perfect it’s only the catch to make. Sneek Creep is the runner with the task of making it. And let me cut in there Bob. Looking at Sneek’s Combine tape he has some lovely claws on him. You’re right Jim, but the catch is made more difficult by the elf blitzer within arms reach ou don’t don’t get that in practise…and…and…he’s dropped it. I can’t believe it Bob. The touchdown would have been his…”

That moment on Turn 3 shaped the game a little bit. The elves pick the ball up, after it bobbled to their player and they moved up the field and finished the first half 1-0 up. The second half didn’t start well for the skaven, losing 3 casualties. The elves got a quick score to go 2-0 up. At that point Coach Cameron took pity (rarely seen in Blood Bowl) and helped me with tactics and approach. With the elves looking very likely to make it 3-0 the game petered out and a lesson in coaching took over.

All in all I loved getting a game under my belt. It’s a big step to getting back into playing BB as well as the collecting and painting part of the hobby. The drop early on was typical in that when big plays were needed I came up short. The basic 7 AV is also very light. It didn’t take too many blocks for me to have players taken off the board in groups of 2s and 3s. Funnily enough when lining up after the second score I had 8 players left, and 4 of them were gutter runners. We agreed that I was too afraid of losing the runners to use them effectively. I’d over commit one of them in the elves half leaving me a rat down from the start. And with the others I’d not make enough plays to positively affect the play i.e. make the elves role the dice. As soon as I lost rats, it gave the elves Coach a chance to be super agressive on the line and my lack of numbers meant punching a hole through was always going to be uphill for me. When I did try to make something happen the number of times 1 Dodge reroll 1 came up was astonishing. What else? Well My brain wasn’t really engaged properly as I was spending too much time looking at what my opponent was doing rather than plotting my own route through the game. This meant that I often spent the first 2 minutes of each 4 minute turn, just looking at the board and looking at what I could do. This will come with time. Also playing against an agility team meant that there were too many players moving all over the place for my noobs brain to cope with.

I am happy I played. I’m looking forward to my next game with the skaven. Whether I play any better or not remains to be seen. I think when I’m more comfortable with the risk/reward it could be a different game 🙂 I am already thinking that playing humans and finding my style and approach again may be a good thing. It was also to have another week were BB was played at the club. Hopefully we can see a BB game or two being played every week 🙂

So it’s in the books.

Eshin Academy     P1 W0 D0 L1