Completed – Blood Bowl Goblin Team

I have never really been a fan of stunty teams in Blood Bowl. There I said it. I don’t have anything against those that play them, I’m not against them being in the game. I am not in any way gamey or ultra competitive either, so it’s not about win percentage. It’s just that I didn’t really see any positives in them – not the fun, not the mass casualties on both sides of the ball, 3 die blocks everywhere. Crazy I know! Anyway, that was until I painted my Goblins!

Most of these were from my original collection of 2nd Edition miniatures and I filled in the gaps with a couple of purchases online. They’ve all been stripped and painted several times in their life time and the detail and definition on these little models was never brilliant in the first place. As I approached painting them then I must say that I was a little nervous and wasn’t really expecting a good result. I wanted to keep them quite bright and cartoony and wanted them to feel fun and crazy. I was helped by the sculpts just oozing wackiness with wide grins and sharp features.  This team also features two of my all time favorite miniatures – the troll with both his arms down by his side and the loony with the chainsaw raised above his head.

I picked some bright basecoats in the hope that I would be able to keep the brightness in the final version. The goblins are mainly Moot Green with a couple of stars done with Warboss Green. The trolls are Calador Sky, Teclis Blue and the star player Ripper is Kabalite Green. The orange colour on the uniforms is Jokaero Orange and the other armour colour is Calador Sky. The various metals and leathers are Mournfang Brown and Leadbelcher. I was conscious not to end up with a team that looked like they were all wearing exactly the same uniform. I like the thought that the kit man leaves a pile of shoulder pads, loin clothes and then the players all bundle in to pick out what they want. I did the same thing with my Chaos Dwarf team and I really like how they turned out. I wasn’t that happy with the quality of my base coating. I found them too small and fiddly after only having painted four miniatures before this after several months of no painting. I decided that an all over wash of Nuln Oil would help to cover my base coating sins and would bring all of the colours together. It worked really well and when I came back to them after it had dried I had a renewed energy and they already seemed more fun. I then reapplied the base coat, leaving some of the darker shadows still showing and then mixed in white with the base coat colours to highlight up two or three times. It’s very basic and not true-to-life highlighting. I tend to pick out some edges and sections that I think need highlighting.

I’ve got another bomber and the star player pogoer to paint still as I only got these after I started the rest of the team. I’ll get these done over the next few weeks.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and I am really excited about playing them. I may even play them in the next league season!


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