Blood Bowl: Team background template

Here’s the Word document that I use to recreate the team profiles found in the Blood Bowl 3rd Edition handbook.

I made it through trial and error and it’s not perfect but isn’t too bad. It certainly does the job!

Please feel free to use it and to modify it. The only thing that I ask is that you create some awesome fluff for your teams and players and that you spread the love for Blood Bowl ‘fluff’.

Blood Bowl – Team Background


Blood Bowl: Chaos team background

I’m off to play in a 1-day tournament at the end of the month and am taking Chaos. There’s no special tactical reason for taking them, rather they are a team that I’ve not played in a NAF tournament and they are ready for me to take. At the moment I have in my head that I’d like to complete the 24 and play all of the Blood Bowl races at least once in a sanctioned tournament.

The tournament is TV1200 and Chaos get 6 standard skills. I’m pretty set on destructive skills over anything else and will be taking the full complement of 1 x Minotaur, 4 x Warriors, 8 x Beastmen and 3 x Rerolls. I didn’t look at the tournament pack closely enough until this week and didn’t notice the amount of gold that I get to spend. If I did I’d maybe have taken a chainsaw, but as it is I don’t have a model ready to take. Every team also gets to take a special player, Daisy the Minotaur Calf. It’s a bit of fun for the tournament given that it is being held on a dairy farm.

As I’ve been immersed in several teams recently I have been thinking long and hard about the background stories (“fluff”) of them all. I remember the team profiles that used to appear in the 2nd and 3rd Edition handbooks and thought I’d try to create one for each of my completed teams.

Here is my first attempt for the Chaos team as well as a team photo. I’ll create one of these for each of my teams as part of finishing painting them and will go back and do them for the teams that I have already done. It was a really fun little thing to do and didn’t take very long. I’d definitely recommend doing it for your teams or champions.

Skull Road Ravagers – Team Background (PDF)

Skull Road Ravagers - Team Background

Skull Road Ravagers – Team Background


Skull Road Ravagers - Team Picture

Skull Road Ravagers – Team Picture


A few more early edition Blood Bowl orcs

As I spend more time looking through the minis that I have and working out how I can build new rosters I like to look at the old star players too. It seems to me that star players were just that in the olden days…stars. The Yellow star player book was read, reread and re-reread. The stories of Griff, Morg ‘N Thorg and the rest made me fall in love with the game and today the ‘fluff’ is really important to me.

Here are a few of the non-standard orc players that I have in my collection. Not sure I’ll ever get to play them on a pitch again but will get them all painted up over time.

Lonely gamers?

Now, I’ve not looked. I’m getting that out there straight away. I’m a married dad of one. My wife isn’t into ‘geeky’ stuff. I moved to a new area 6 months ago, and although I am making headways in terms of Blood Bowl, I am still a lonely gamer.

What is there for me?

I’ve been going through some of the contents of the old toy cupboard in preparation of moving it into my cave later this week. I’ve found my Warhammer Fantasy rulebook (1st ed I think) as well as the D&D Rules Cyclopedia from the same period. I love fantasy gaming. If I’m honest I love the background and story, hobby, elements more than the playing aspects. But, I still love to play. Double but, I don’t like the though of MMOs, I want to play on my own or with a few mates. Considering I don’t know anyone else like me (at the moment)…what games can I play? Where are the Massive Singleplayer Online games? Where are the card games for one? There must be more lonely gamers out there? I’ve got Blood Bowl Chaos Edition but that’s installed on my PC laptop not my Mac (that I use most). Suppose I can rectify that when the cave is opened. Given my recent debut with the Eshin Academy I think that would be a good move 😉

I love, love, love the hobby and fluff aspect – reading, purchasing, painting, building armies/teams/characters etc – and that will always continue. That’s about to have a rebirth of it’s now my time and money can focus on it.

But I want more!