Display terraces for Blood Bowl teams

A little while ago I posted about some small plastic boxes that I got to display my painted Blood Bowl teams. I don’t really have space for a proper display case in my cave at the moment and wanted something that could show off my miniatures and stop them from gathering dust. I found some cheap, plastic model car display boxes that I thought did the job. I’ve now got four of them on my shelves helping to display and protect my skaven, human, orc and halfling teams. The only problem with them is that because of my seating position and the flat bases on the boxes it means that I don’t get to properly see the whole team.

For a while now I have wanted to find a way to be able to see the whole team in all their glory. My idea was to create a little wooden terrace for them so that I could change the levels and possibly put a team name and logo with them too.

So earlier this week I took some time out from painting and tried my hand at a little craft. I’m not very ‘handy’ and although a bit of a perfectionist in some aspects of life am turning out to be very hobby impatient. What I’m saying is that this was always going to be a little bit of a challenge for me.

I wanted he stand to have three levels, have a section that could hold a team name and be in the old world style of Blood Bowl.

Here’s what I started with, what I did and what I ended up with (pre-painting and detailing).

Tools :- small hacksaw, , wire cutters,  bull-dog clips or clamps, PVA / wood glue

Supplies :- wooden coffee stirrer, dowel (12mm diameter), pine wood strip (25mm width), large craft lolly pop sticks

Step 1 – Cut the wood

I measured (ish) and cut 4 roughly equal lengths of the 25mm pine and then measured and cut 6 lengths of the dowel, 3 pairs of 2 supports. I used the interior dimensions of the plastic case for my measurements trying to ensure that I could fit the finished stand inside the closed box.

Step 2 – Create terrace support notches

To support the stands I cut notches into each of the dowel supports, with each pair having  a notch cut at the same height to keep the terrace level and trying to make the notch heights gradually rise the terrace.

Step 3 – Create banner notches

In the dowel supporting rods that will be the back tier, I cut notches in the top end of each dowel and cut out a notch on one of the pine terrace strips so that it can slot in to the final piece. I cut mine in the middle, but this was a mistake and next time I’ll take the notch out of the back so that I sill get the support but get the extra head room for the minis.

Step 4 – Glue together

Using the wood glue I then glued the pieces together to make the front and middle stand plus the back stand with the banner. I left this over night to set, but just wait until it is dry before proceeding.

Step 5 – Add wooden boards

To add to the final look of the finished terraces I cut the wooden coffee stirrer using the wire cutters and glued them along the top of each stand and then a strip along the font of each. To stop the final boards from warping as they dried I clipped them with the bull-dog clips to keep them in place. Again I let them dry overnight.

Step 6 – Connect the stands

To add some stability to the finished terrace, I glued the three pieces to two large craft lolly pop sticks. Their low height gave me a little more room in the display case but they could be fixed to any off cut or cut to measure board.

And for now that’s as far as I have got; life and weather have prevented me from painting it and applying the finishing touches.

I’m going to give them a nice wood effect paint job, add some simple side rails using the coffee sticks, use some string as rope stand in to show them being lashed together and add a team name to the banner board.

I’m going to tweak some of the dimensions for the next ones, but plan to make one for each of my teams. They could also be used as sideline pieces for Blood Bowl matches, and I will explore this option another day.

I’ll show you the finished produce when it is ready.

If you have any examples of how you display you teams then I’d be really pleased to hear about them.

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Displaying my 28mm miniatures

Now that the man/hobby cave is finished, I finally have some space to spread my hobby wings.

I’ve not got much room in there and certainly not enough for a large display case, but still I think it would be nice to show off some of the finished minis. A lot of my unpainted, unused, collection of minis are in boxes with the finished team and the next two in line for painting in foam. As I complete more teams I want to be able to keep a few either on the desk or on the shelves, without getting covered in dust.

I took a look on Amazon for display cases and came across these. As they are only £4.50 I thought they were worth a go and so got two. They arrived earlier this week and I’m quite impressed. The quality is really good and they take 15 miniatures comfortably. At L20.5cm x D10cm x H10.5cm, the figures are quite low in the case so I’m going to build something to raise them up into two or three levels. I’m thinking I’ll make something out of lollipop sticks, paint it up and make a kind of wooden stand to show them off.

They’ll look really nice on the shelves and looking at them all the time will make me want to play with them more 🙂

The plastic case opened up

The plastic case opened up

15 miniatures in the case

15 miniatures in the case


** Just want to add that I’m not in anyway associated with the manufacturers of this product. I’m just a gamer, hobbyist with a blog and I like to share things that I like or find useful. **