My next painting project is..

My skaven Blood Bowl team – the Eshin Academy – is nearly finished (only basing and numbers to do tomorrow) so I have been thinking about what to do for my next painting project.

I want to make teams out of the 2nd edition miniatures before I buy anything new. I can make several teams of metal minis, with only a few auction site purchases needed where I don’t have enough positions for the LRB6 rosters. My four choices, based on models, are :- humans, chaos pact, orcs and elves. My elf team needs a few extra models and is a bit to similar to the skaven team in terms of playing style, orcs just aren’t doing it for me at the moment and chaos pact is too advanced in terms of actually playing with them. So the winner is humans. I’ve never played as humans before and am looking forward to their versatility.

Given the NFL Draft is tonight and the upsurge in my interest in the NFL over the last few years, I’m going to style them on my favourite team the Miami Dolphins. I’m a Marino era fan and I’d like to base them on the uniform of the era and the Dolphin’s all-time best players for the rest of the fluff. Need to pick up a few more paints but the undercoat is on and I’m ready to make a start this weekend.

Dan Marino

P.s. Pictures of the completed Eshin Academy will follow soon and they are due to make their competitive debut in the next week or two. 


Hey Rat Fans!

Having been through my old miniatures I have enough players for Orc, Human and Elf teams and am only a few short of a Dwarf team. For when I am more experienced I could put together Halfling and Ogre teams too. There are also several Chaos players and I’m not sure where they sit in the new rules yet, other than as Star Players.

When I was younger I took control of the Orcs and my brother went for the Humans. In the early days, I quite enjoyed the ‘bash’ but as I got more experienced (and more into American Football and Dan Marino’s Dolphins) I loved the passing play of the Elves. In the end the glory of scoring was too much for me to avoid.

When it came to picking a new team I wanted to stick to more ‘dash’ than ‘bash’ and wanted to stick to a race / roster from the golden oldie days of Blood Bowl. So I plucked for Skaven. The Gutter Runners seem to be fantastic players and the speedy, tactical style may fit with my personality and I’m reading up on fluff and playbooks at the moment.

My team will be called ‘Eshin Academy’ and it’s the team of Clan Eshin’s assassin training academy. Players join the team as part of their training with the linemen being new recruits and the gutter runners being those closest to assassin status. I’m going to paint them red and yellow to fit in with the eastern background to the Eshin Clan. I don’t think I’ll be using a rat ogre so I have enough miniatures for a decent squad to represent most situations. I’ll work on the star players and mutants later on.