Completed – Blood Bowl Underworld Team

Ok, so this is a massive cheat! I recently completed my Goblin team but for a long time have had an urge to play Underworld a bit more. I nearly played them in my league last year and nearly took them to the NAFC. My Goblin team is mainly made up of GW 2nd Edition models and I’ve been collecting Skaven from the same period so the logical thing to do was to paint up the 6 Skaven that are needed to create an Underworld team. So I finished stripping these models and have painted them in the same colour scheme as my Goblins. I may well end up painting the rest of the 2nd Edition Skaven that I have in the same scheme further down the line.





Completed – Blood Bowl Necro/Undead Team

For a while now I have had some GW 3rd edition Undead miniatures primed and ready to paint. I’ve also picked up a few other undead miniatures with the intention of making a combined team. For as long as I’ve had these models ready to go though I have also had a nagging feeling that they’d be too difficult for me to paint and that’s why they’ve not been painted before now. Having just finished my Goblin team and being pleased with the results, I plucked up the courage and put brush to model.

The Dhar City Blue Devils


I need 4 Ghouls in total. I thought that I had 4 but when I came to paint them I realised that I only had two. It’s then that I had a brain wave! I had 2nd Edition Orc Catchers that are a very similar pose to the 3rd Edition Ghouls and they also have enough skin showing to make them look very similar, so I decided to use them rather than pay £10 a model on eBay.


One of the first teams that I played against when I returned to Blood Bowl was an Undead team using these miniatures. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with them ever since. I remember not knowing what a Wight was and constantly forgot which model was which on the board. I do like how these have turned out.


Two different minis here. The first is the metal Wilhem Cheney model from the GW 2nd Edition Undead (same range as Frank ‘n’ Stein). The second is from Impact! Miniatures and came as part of my Valkyrie team. I think he fits this team really well and it is nice to have some variation.

Flesh Golems

These are the 2nd Edition Undead player Frank ‘n’ Stein. I’ve always liked these miniatures and having two is a perfect look for this team.


These are straight from main 3rd Edition set. I like these models more than I thought I would. They are less cartoony than I usually prefer but they fit the team very well.


Personally, I think of Blood Bowl Skeletons as very lightly armoured and with more bone showing. I know that this is because the 2nd Edition books used Warhammer models to represent early Undead teams. To my me these particular models are too well covered and are quite big when compared to the Mummies; maybe the Mummies are too small though.


I had a few zombies from the 3rd Edition set and again didn’t want to break the bank by picking up extras online. I opted instead to use an old 2nd edition Human Lineman, a Dark Elf Kicker and a Beastman. The nice thing about this approach is that I can add more races to the list should I need them. I’ve got plenty of spare models.

Colour Scheme

Purple – Naggaroth Night, Nuln Oil Wash, Xereus Purple, Xereus Purple with White Scar

Light blue – Caledor Sky, Nuln Oil Wash, Teclis Blue, Lothern Blue

Dark Blue – Kantor Blue, Nuln Oil Wash, Kantor Blue with White Scar

Ghoul Flesh – Fenrisian Grey, Nuln Oil Wash, Fenrisian Grey, Fenrisian Grey with White Scar

Zombie Flesh – Something related to Skinks? I’ll remember when look at the pot.

Bases – Warboss Green, Dry Brush Mott Green, Dawnstone, White Scar.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures. Camera battery and laptop issues! Grr!

Completed – Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Team

I posted details of two very recently completed teams yesterday and when I was scrolling back through the list of completed teams I realised that I hadn’t shared any details of my Chaos Dwarf team. So here I go…

I’ve always admired Chaos Dwarves, and by “admired” I mean hated facing them. I picked up the Black Rock Dwarves from Impact! a while ago and painted them earlier in the year. I can’t remember when exactly but it was around the time that I was painting a few Warhammer High Elves and I do remember posting a few pictures on Twitter. I digress. The Dwarf blockers themselves are probably the nicest of the all the miniatures that I’ve had from Impact!. Unlike almost all of the others they actually have three dimensions and some clear detail and definition of area. Most of the Trollcast figures are very flat and one-dimensional, the hobgoblins that come in this set being a prime example of that.

I took inspiration from – or copied – the fantastic teams done by James Wappel. I love his style and the customisations that he does. I can’t possibly hope to get to his standard, but I like to bold and bright style of his Blood Bowl teams. I’m a fan of the crazy, cartoonish Blood Bowl world rather than dark, gritty and realistic.

I can’t remember the exact technique that I used but I think adding white to the base coat colour was the basic technique for the highlighting. I want to add a minotaur to the team but I am not a fan of the one that I got with the team. I like the idea of the old Zy-Nox model with this lot. That would meaning getting hold of another one though since he’s already earmarked for my future Chaos Pact All-Stars team.

I really like this team and I think it is this team that helped cement my painting style and technique and what I want my Blood Bowl teams to look like.


Completed – Blood Bowl Goblin Team

I have never really been a fan of stunty teams in Blood Bowl. There I said it. I don’t have anything against those that play them, I’m not against them being in the game. I am not in any way gamey or ultra competitive either, so it’s not about win percentage. It’s just that I didn’t really see any positives in them – not the fun, not the mass casualties on both sides of the ball, 3 die blocks everywhere. Crazy I know! Anyway, that was until I painted my Goblins!

Most of these were from my original collection of 2nd Edition miniatures and I filled in the gaps with a couple of purchases online. They’ve all been stripped and painted several times in their life time and the detail and definition on these little models was never brilliant in the first place. As I approached painting them then I must say that I was a little nervous and wasn’t really expecting a good result. I wanted to keep them quite bright and cartoony and wanted them to feel fun and crazy. I was helped by the sculpts just oozing wackiness with wide grins and sharp features.  This team also features two of my all time favorite miniatures – the troll with both his arms down by his side and the loony with the chainsaw raised above his head.

I picked some bright basecoats in the hope that I would be able to keep the brightness in the final version. The goblins are mainly Moot Green with a couple of stars done with Warboss Green. The trolls are Calador Sky, Teclis Blue and the star player Ripper is Kabalite Green. The orange colour on the uniforms is Jokaero Orange and the other armour colour is Calador Sky. The various metals and leathers are Mournfang Brown and Leadbelcher. I was conscious not to end up with a team that looked like they were all wearing exactly the same uniform. I like the thought that the kit man leaves a pile of shoulder pads, loin clothes and then the players all bundle in to pick out what they want. I did the same thing with my Chaos Dwarf team and I really like how they turned out. I wasn’t that happy with the quality of my base coating. I found them too small and fiddly after only having painted four miniatures before this after several months of no painting. I decided that an all over wash of Nuln Oil would help to cover my base coating sins and would bring all of the colours together. It worked really well and when I came back to them after it had dried I had a renewed energy and they already seemed more fun. I then reapplied the base coat, leaving some of the darker shadows still showing and then mixed in white with the base coat colours to highlight up two or three times. It’s very basic and not true-to-life highlighting. I tend to pick out some edges and sections that I think need highlighting.

I’ve got another bomber and the star player pogoer to paint still as I only got these after I started the rest of the team. I’ll get these done over the next few weeks.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and I am really excited about playing them. I may even play them in the next league season!


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Completed – Blood Bowl Khemri Team

The Autumn/Winter is when I make the most progress on my painting and with my hobby stuff in general. This year is already promising to be very productive since I have already completed painting two Blood Bowl teams. Ultimately I want to have painted one team for each of the 24 Blood Bowl races, so getting these done so early in the year is a fantastic achievement.

Khemri are one of those teams that I want to play in a NAF tournament one day, but have very little connection to. I’m not even sure Khemri existed as a dedicated race when I stopped playing Blood Bowl as a student. Anyway, knowing that I was only intending to play up to six games with the team, I plumped for the Pharaohs team from Impact! during the Kickstarter. The models themselves are not very good and from the moment that I unpackaged them, I was down on them as a team. I’ve experienced this with the other Trollcast teams that I’ve purchased but they – the Chaos Dwarves and the Norse – turned out ok. Yes, they are very cheap and you get what you pay for, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying them again. In fact I know I’ll not be buying them again. They are too light, they are a pain to clean up, they break too easily and they lack clarity and detail. They serve as a good entry to the market for beginners, but given that I really enjoy the collecting and painting part of Blood Bowl as much as I do playing, I think spending more money will still be worth it.

Anyway, I got them based up and primed which is more than I can say for the other two teams that I got..more on that another time. They were very much an interim project to be done after my Goblins (more on them later too) and before my next ‘major’ project. I wasn’t happy when I was painting them and just wanted to get them done. The process was very simple. I picked a basic red for the armour and clothing and then base colours for each of the positionals. I applied the base coats and then did an all over wash of Agrax Earthshade. The Tomb Guardian are Ushabti Bone, Blitz-Ras are Calgar Blue, Throw-Ras are Sotek Green, Star Players are Warboss Green and the Linemen are Dawnstone. The all over wash helps to fill in the gaps and ties all of the base coat colours together. It is a very simple an yet very effective technique. It feels like cheating but the end result is what counts! Once the wash had tried I was able to reapply the basecoat colour as a highlight and then pick out some gold details using Retributor Armour. I then painted the already sanded bases with Zandri Dust and then applied a dry brush of Ushabti Bone. The figures themselves are so light that they are too light to play with on the table top so as before I have glued a metal washer to the bottom of the base for weight and stability.

It’s a very quick job and took only a few hours of actual painting time over a couple of days. Yes, they’re basic, but they’ll do the job. They’ve actually turned out better than I thought they would but considering the other miniatures that are on my shelves at the moment, they’re not very good. I’ve not got any tournaments in the diary yet, but I think I will play this lot sooner rather than later; you never know, I may actually enjoy playing them!

Shifting Sands Scorpions

Completed Blood Bowl Norse / Amazon Team

I got the Valkyrie team from Impact! Miniatures several months ago now, when the cave was finished and I was braving the world on non-GW miniatures for the first time. They arrived and I took a look and wasn’t impressed and got stuck into other projects, and as with most hobby deliveries they stayed in their original packaging and sat on the shelf.

Fast forward to the summer and I assembled and primed several team, including the Valkyries, in readiness for the winter when I can prime less and paint more. Skip forward again to just a few weeks ago when, having not had a real painting project for a while, other than trying to improve, I surveyed what was ready to go and picked them up of the shelf; being able to play the team as Amazons and Norse was a factor in them being selected but I also though that they would take the blue and white colour scheme that I had been using on the Warhammer High Elves.

I applied the same lessons that I had learnt in painting the elves both in terms of how I built up the colours and the technique used, to the overall process of working on a few models at a time, the brushes used and way that I held the miniatures while working on them.

The more that I worked with the models, the more that I came to like them. The detailing is very poor compared to the GW plastics that I have been working with a lot recently, but they do come together well and at £22 for a whole team you can’t complain. I made the decision not to go into some of the very fine detail that I would attempt on better models. My skill level isn’t at the level yet where I could attempt that on these miniatures and get decent results.

I am really pleased with how they turned out. REALLY pleased. I think that they are my best looking team and I can’t wait to get them out on the pitch. I like that I can see a definite improvement in the quality of my work and yet I’m sitting here looking forward to bettering it on the next team 🙂

(I will do some better photos)

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Completed – Blood Bowl Ogre Team

I started this Blood Bowl Ogre team last winter during the NFL post season. The Super Bowl came and went and these just stayed on the shelf taunting me, daring me to finish them. I had no desire to paint for a while and it was only during the #WorldCupPaintingPact that I managed to complete them. I did the Chaos team remarkably quickly and found myself with time and an eagerness to paint and hobby, so finishing these was an ideal little project.

Five of the six Ogres are the original 2nd edition models (two of those are Morgs). The sixth model is a later version of the Star Player Morg. The snotlings are not all Blood Bowl miniatures but I believe they are Warhammer versions from a similar period. The original Blood Bowl models are quite hard to come by at a reasonable price although I have since come by a set of them and will be adding a few more to the ranks in between other projects.

I’m intending to play these in my second Blood Bowl tournament in September.

(Apologies for some of the photography in these recent posts. I am still working on a better lighting setup – Pete)

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