Completed – Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Team

I posted details of two very recently completed teams yesterday and when I was scrolling back through the list of completed teams I realised that I hadn’t shared any details of my Chaos Dwarf team. So here I go…

I’ve always admired Chaos Dwarves, and by “admired” I mean hated facing them. I picked up the Black Rock Dwarves from Impact! a while ago and painted them earlier in the year. I can’t remember when exactly but it was around the time that I was painting a few Warhammer High Elves and I do remember posting a few pictures on Twitter. I digress. The Dwarf blockers themselves are probably the nicest of the all the miniatures that I’ve had from Impact!. Unlike almost all of the others they actually have three dimensions and some clear detail and definition of area. Most of the Trollcast figures are very flat and one-dimensional, the hobgoblins that come in this set being a prime example of that.

I took inspiration from – or copied – the fantastic teams done by James Wappel. I love his style and the customisations that he does. I can’t possibly hope to get to his standard, but I like to bold and bright style of his Blood Bowl teams. I’m a fan of the crazy, cartoonish Blood Bowl world rather than dark, gritty and realistic.

I can’t remember the exact technique that I used but I think adding white to the base coat colour was the basic technique for the highlighting. I want to add a minotaur to the team but I am not a fan of the one that I got with the team. I like the idea of the old Zy-Nox model with this lot. That would meaning getting hold of another one though since he’s already earmarked for my future Chaos Pact All-Stars team.

I really like this team and I think it is this team that helped cement my painting style and technique and what I want my Blood Bowl teams to look like.