Blood Bowl crazy?

I’ve not posted for a little while and I’m pleased to say that it is mainly because I’ve been going Blood Bowl mad. Everything and anything Blood Bowl and I’m on it.

I suppose it is because our new continuous league is starting and I had my first game this week, but it’s really been me having more time personally for hobby.

In preparation for the league, I’ve been watching various live streams and videos online as well as getting in several games on Chaos Edition…all as skaven. The (current) two Blood Bowl podcasts – Both Down and Three Die Block – have recently posted their latest episodes for me to consume and on top of that I’ve been getting stuck into the painting of my new human team. I’ve been trying to get myself properly setup on FUMBBL and the online leagues of Chaos Edition but they seem a little more challenging/daunting at the moment. I got my FUMBBL team setup and I think I managed to join the starter 145 league, but getting a game wasn’t simple so I gave up. On Chaos Edition too I had problems getting setup online. I wanted to just to a one-off challenge type game but alas either couldn’t find the option or it doesn’t exist. Again, I put it to one side for another day.

I was hoping to sign up to a (fairly) local Blood Bowl one day tournament but unfortunately I’ve got a family function that day and won’t be able to make it. I’m still looking at trying to squeeze in a tourney or two this year, but it’s not going to be easy.

I’ve also been reading the rules, skills etc and putting together my own reference sheets – I’m an organised person and love putting together stuff like this. I’ll review them again and will share them here soon.

I’ll be posting an update on the progress that I’ve made on my human team very soon. It’s been very interesting to me to see how my painting has changed, and hopefully progressed, since the first team that I did.

I’m all in on Blood Bowl 🙂

P.s. I won my first league game 3-1 and managed to get a gutter runner to skill up after he scored two second half TDs.


Podcasts : What I’m listening to

I’m a bit of a podcast junky. I’ve tried many of them over the years, in the car, out running on the trails, or just around the house, they are my connection to my passions.

I have a combination of daily, weekly, and monthly listens. I’m a US sports fan and get my fill from ESPN- Mike & Mike are the mainstay followed by Football Today (on hiatus) and The Thundering Hurd. I also listen to Inside The Huddle, a UK based NFL podcast. Although the more I listen to it the more I think they just listen to the ESPN ones and repeat as appropriate. It’s nice to hear English voices talking about my favorite sport though.

Next I have comedy. This has changed quite a bit over the years as podcasts come and go but BBC Radio is always a good source and I subscribe to most of them. On top of that I’ve got The Bugle, Answer Me This and Hamish & Andy to keep me going.

Then there’s science, news and current affairs. This is the section that changes most frequently. I mean my tastes change most frequently. Dr Karl can be a good listen but tends to repeat himself over time, the BBC Radio shows are always of a really high quality but sometimes can be a bit dull and I end up unsubscribing and resubscribing every four months or so. The Kermode and Mayo Film Review is a must every week though.

The last section is hobby. This is a new section really, only a year old or so. Blood Bowl podcasts are the oldest on my list – Three Die Block and Both Down. But I have started this week (which is why I decided to post this) to try and branch out to other gaming podcasts. I’ve been listening to GoingLastGoingLast, Dice of Doom, Forge The Narrative, Garagehammer and Noobhammer and will probably settle on one or two of them to add to my regular listening. I must say that at the moment Noobhammer and Dice of Doom get the vote. The combination of the content, duration and personalities give them the slight edge so far. I’m going through some of the recent back catalogue to get a clearer idea of what they are about (as I did with the Blood Bowl ‘casts) and will make a final decision when the next episode of each have dropped.

P.s. I’m also starting to watch Tabletop on Youtube.

P.p.s I’m getting in this gaming hobby again 🙂

Blood Bowl Podcasts

In the last week I’ve really really got back into Blood Bowl despite not having any miniatures and not having any of my stuff…yet. Every minute not spent being a dad is spent reading about and preparing for BB. I’ve been looking all over the web and have been pleased to find a thriving community. I’ve been catching up with tournaments and leagues that are running all over the world and have been for many years.

I’ve found the three Blood Bowl podcasts that seem to be running – Zlurpcast, Both Down and Three Die Block. Of these Three Die Block is my favourite by a long way. They go into some fascinating detail into how to play as and against each of the races and the features about the specifics of the game are really interesting. Both Down is second on my list followed by the Zlurpcast. I’ve not heard any of the early Zlurps but on the most recent one they talked about going back to basics, so I’ll follow this up in a few months to see if it changes in any way. For now catching up on all of the Three Die Block episodes that are out there will keep me going for a while.

Try them for yourself and let me know what you think…

  1. Three Die Block
  2. Both Down
  3. Zlurpcast