Completed – Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Halfling Team

A funny thing happened the other day, I picked up my Blood Bowl 2nd edition halfling team and painted them. It’s funny because I had no real intention of doing them at all, they were the lucky result of waiting for some new paints to arrive and being unable to prime the minis that I really wanted to work on. The current poor weather and usual dire selection of television programmes on over the winter have meant that my hobby time has increased dramatically recently and so I have managed to get this little lot done as a nice extra for the year.

The halflings including star player Puggy were my brother’s old team that he used to play when we played in a GW in-store league as teenagers. I stripped them a while ago and had them primed in the summer ready to go. The two trees where mine that I used to play in my elf teams. The fingers haven’t survived the journey through time, but I have a feeling that they may have snapped off when I used to play with them anyway. They were never very strong. My sculpting skills are not up to putting new ones on, so I left them off.  I do love these little halflings. There’s something quite cosey and comforting about them. They are very Hobbit like and I can’t ever see them facing up to a black orc in the arena.

I went for a very simple 2nd/3rd edition style colour scheme again. I am still very much stuck in that world when it comes to my minis and the painting. I still flick through the old rules and books and have some very fond memories of teams like the Greenfield Grasshuggers. Again these 2nd ed sculpts proved a little too small and fiddly for my aging eyes and oaf like painting technique. I’m happy with them and that’s all that matters!

I’ve got no plans to play with them for a while so they will sit in a display case on my shelves until needed.

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Finished (at last): Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Elves

Well, well, well. Who’d have thought it? Not me that’s for sure. I’ve just put the finishing touches to my Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Elves. They’ve been a work in progress for many weeks now but life and stuff has prevented me from getting them finished. I’m not going to apologise though!

This was probably the last team that I painted when I was a kid and in keeping with my bleary eyed meanderings back into the miniature gaming hobby, I’ve kept to what I know and have used the same colour scheme that I used back in the day – Galadrieth Gladiators.

Now, I’ve got to admit that I ran out of patience with these models from very early on in the process and that didn’t help me when it came to avoiding distractions, I’m sure. Those that follow me on Twitter will know this already though. Even with my nice new brushes and the little bit of recent painting experience that I’ve got, I just found these minis to be extremely fiddly to work with and full of odd detailing and tricky to reach places. That frustration lead to me leaving out a few details and just focus on getting them done. I’m thinking of playing them in my local club’s upcoming league and so wanted them ready in plenty of time. It’ll be these or my skaven in all likelihood.

The scheme is a very simple base of Caledor Sky and Mephiston Red with a simple wash on top. I’ve taken some liberties with flesh and uniform boundaries for the reasons stated above. I have picked out the white detail on the legs but that is about it. In another throwback to my gaming heyday the bases have been done in an Astrogranite style and the positions are identified by the coloured rings.

As with all of my Blood Bowl painting projects so far I like to paint up lots of figures at the same time and so have a full roster of 4 catchers, 2 throwers, 2 blitzers and 8 linemen ready to go.

I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out and they’re not too shabby and will be nice to play with at least. The addition of a semi-decent base makes any model look better and is something I’ll look to develop going forward.

Here are a few pictures before they take to the Astrogranite once more.

Completed – Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Human Team

Finally! 😉

It seems like forever since I first started painting this team. It was back at the start of the year that I took my old childhood collection of Blood Bowl 2nd and 3rd edition minis and started to catalogue them and prepare them for Blood Bowl league and tournament glory…well participation.

I had a lot of human figures but didn’t have quite enough of the positional figures to make a coherent roster; I like my minis to be consistent on the pitch both for me and my opponent. Consistency in terms of basing, colour scheme and above all choice of miniature. I don’t believe it’s fair if the opposing coach has to spend some of his turn time identifying which player is a blitzer and which one is a catcher! So I spent a little bit of time on eBay trying to get the missing minis. The other reason that I needed positional players is that I had minis for positions that no longer exist, namely kickers and blockers. I’ve repurposed the blockers as beefy linemen. That’s why I’ve ended up with so many minis for this team; there are 20 in total.

The colour scheme is based on my favourite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins and I’ve numbered the players based on some of the Dolphins’ all-time greats. I also tried to add some new painting techniques from those that I used for my skaven. It is still a tabletop paint job, but at the very least it is one that I am proud of. I can see progress which is all I can ask for. I get a lot of pleasure from the whole process of getting a finished mini to the gaming table and the time that I get to spend on my hobby life varies week-to-week.

The overall result is quite nice, although close up and personal you can clearly see where my skills and technique can be improved. Faces and skin detailing is one area that I think could help elevate my painting to another level and will be something that I look into for future projects.

The aqua is a base of GW/Citadel Sotek Green, one coat diluted about 50/50 with water and then a second coat with only 80/20 to give a more solid finish. I then applied a wash of Coelia Greenshade and a few highlights using Template Guard Blue.

The orange is a base of Trollslayer Orange using the method as for the aqua followed by a wash of Reikland Fleshshade.

The white was done using a technique that I found online for bright white. It’s a base of White Scar followed by a wash of Nuln Oil followed by a dry brush of the base colour. Unfortunately the finish of the white is too powdery for my liking and I’ll be looking for a better technique for getting a bright white for future projects.

I’ve then applied various freehand finishes using the same colours.

I like the team. I like the models and they were nice to paint (Not like the pesky 2nd ed elves that I’ve just started. More on that later)

Here are a few pictures of the finished team (there are some other pictures in this blog). I hope you enjoy them and as always appreciate your constructive comments.

Human Blood Bowl Team Progress

My latest painting project is my metal 2nd edition human Blood Bowl team and I’m pleased to say that it is nearly completed; only a few finishing touches and basing to go. It’s taken a while, but I’ve been trying a to learn from the experience of painting my skaven team.

If you remember, painting the skaven team was my re-entry to the hobby after many (many) years away. Although I am happy with the end result, the techniques used are very basic and I wanted to try and improve on the next project that I took on. I selected the humans mainly because I had enough models to fill out a roster, but partially because of the features of the models themselves. They all wear some kind of uniform and armour and there are no chaotic flesh tones or fur to cope with.

I started off with the Miami Dolphins’ uniform and colours as inspiration but I wasn’t going to make a rigid copy of them or make every model adhere strictly to every line and detail. I wanted an overall cohesive scheme but wanted to keep it within the bounds of my capability with a brush.

So here they are.

From the very start I thinned out the base coat with water and did two thin coats rather than the single ‘from the pot’ coat that I did on the skaven. It was so much easier to apply and even though I used a production line to get them painted it seemed to be an easier job than with the skaven, even though I had to do the whole squad twice.

I then applied washes to all three main colours. I used the colour chart on the GW website as I’m still nowhere near confident enough with paint or colour to stray too far from what is recommended. I wasn’t sure how to do white uniforms, but a quick look on a few internet painting sites had said to dry brush with the base coat colour after a wash of Nuln Oil. It’s here that I had an absolute freak out when I applied the wash to my nice, white uniforms. I thought that they were ruined to be honest. The uniforms and armour were a dark grey, almost black and I didn’t know how I was going to make them white enough again. Apprehensively I applied the dry brush over the top, and although the finish is a little too powdery for my liking,  the colour has come back to a white again.

It’s here that I then tried to apply to highlight layers to the models. This isn’t something that I did on the skaven, so I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it or indeed if I had the brush skill to do it. I used the suggested colours from the GW site again, a palette and a fine detail brush. I must say that the end result is pretty pleasing. I was liberal with where the light source was coming from and it’s not consistent, but I’m glad to have used a new technique and the result is quite nice. I did suffer a little from my painting area not being lit properly. I need to invest in a couple of daylight bulbs before I start the next project.

I then applied a little dry brushing where I though it needed it and then started some of the details. I wanted to put lines on the helmets, shoulder pads and legs in keeping with the Dolphins’ images used for inspiration. I was very nervous starting out as I wasn’t sure my hand was steady enough to accomplish the kind of end result that I needed. Again, here I impressed myself with what I managed to do. It’s not perfect but it really finished of the team. Without the details I don’t think the scheme would work.

I’m probably going to base them with a grey sand/rock type material as a little homage to the Astrogranite pitch of the 2nd edition.

Any constructive comments on technique or finish would be welcomed as I am always looking to improve.

These will be my Blood Bowl Pride and Chaos

Chaos All-Stars.

If you are an old school Blood Bowl player then I don’t need to say anything else really.

Despite my elfy throwy, runny, catchy tendencies the Chaos All-Stars were MY team and chaos players in general were the ones I liked the most. A quick search on the internet will show you many people are of the same opinion and you can see many examples of the kind of chaos team that I hope to create. They’ll be my pride and joy. A link back to when I first fell in love with all things Blood Bowl. I’m not going to be painting them for a long time yet so will hopefully have time to, if nit perfect, then at least improve my painting and modelling techniques.

The All-Stars were covered in all of the early rules and books and mutants and loonies in general were more widespread; the rules allowed it out of the box pretty much. Many of the star player cards in the Companion and Star Players books included chaos mutants and they all had miniatures that you could buy.

Chaos team 014

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

This is what I have in my collection so far.

Chaos miniatures

Chaos miniatures

Sadly the end of Lewdgrip Whiparm’s arm has come off. I do have the ball piece so will model that back on. I’m using the minotaur, Zy-nox, which is the one used in the Chaos All-Stars teams and is an awesome sight on the pitch. In the modern rosters this team is Chaos Pact which allows for a goblin, skaven and a dark elf to be added to the marauders and big guys. The dark elf model I am using is star player Tuern Redvenom. I’m going to try and pick up additional pieces over the next few months and replace the one of two minis that don’t quite fit with the ones that I get.

I’m really excited about this team. I’d love to see them out in the Blood Bowl arena again but think that they may end up being for my personal indulgences only.

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Painting Table…or Tables

So this is the list of Blood Bowl teams that I have to work on over the next few months. It’s not accounting for me wanting to get new teams or starting out in other games 😉

  1. Humans – 2nd edition metal in Miami Dolphins inspired colours
  2. Chaos Pact – Mainly 2nd edition metal minis (blog post to come on this team)
  3. Elf – 2nd edition metal probably as Galadrieth Gladiators
  4. Orcs – 2nd edition metal
  5. Dwarves – Have about half a team of 2nd edition minis and will try and pick up the rest
  6. Halflings – 2nd edition metal
  7. Humans – 3rd edition plastic
  8. Orcs – 3rd edition plastic

These are all GW minis and I think I’d like to try buying minis from one of the other manufacturers next. They weren’t around when I last collected and painted so I am really excited to try them out. I’ve looked at some of the catalogues online and must say some of them are beautiful.

I’m going to be busy!

Halflings and Treemen a match made in Blood Bowl heaven

I didn’t play halflings when I was younger, I was too serious about winning to take on the challenge. My brother though was altogether less bothered and that’s how I have this collection of 2nd edition halfling minis. The two treemen were mine, I think they would have been used with the elves, but I can’t remember back that far. The fingers on the trees haven’t survived the years, but I think they may have been snapped off before they went into storage. I seem to remember they were very fragile. So the intention is to strip down the treemen, sort out their hands and then paint them up.

When I’ve a little more Blood Bowl experience, I’d love to try them out in a league one year.

For now they’ll be added to the stripping and painting pile.

Halflings supported by two treemen

Halflings supported by two treemen

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