I am 36, for now at least. I am married and I am the father of a 3 old boy. When we found out that my wife was pregnant I couldn’t help but start thinking about my old toys and my childhood. We opted not to know the sex of the baby so when little boy was born, as a dad I was immediately able to plan out the toys that we he would have.

I was born in ’77 so remember most of the late ’80s and ’90s. I was – still am – a bit geeky. Not massively (to my mind at least) but enough to end up with a career in IT. I used to love my sport, watching and playing, and am still a fan of football/soccer but mostly American Football. My mates and I used to play in a bit of disused land up the lane and make up maps and imaginary foes including the evil One-Legger. It all seems very idyllic and a very long time ago.

Childhood in many ways can be determined by the toys that you played with. I still remember the first time that I felt properly like the older brother. It was when my younger brother was playing with ‘Mask’ and I felt too old for it. I remember us both playing with He-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, Matchbox cars, Tamiya models, Airfix and Lego. We also had a Sega Mastersystem, Nintendo SNES and a Gameboy each. We were lucky! As we got older we both got into Games Workshop games in the post D&D era, Space Marine and Blood Bowl were our games of choice.

Years passed. Life happened. And here I am, the father to a young boy. This blog will hopefully let me revisit some of those old games and toys and as he gets older will let me talk about sharing them with my son. It will also allow me to write about the toys that I am playing with as I rediscover my old geeky hobbies.


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