Completed – Blood Bowl Necro/Undead Team

For a while now I have had some GW 3rd edition Undead miniatures primed and ready to paint. I’ve also picked up a few other undead miniatures with the intention of making a combined team. For as long as I’ve had these models ready to go though I have also had a nagging feeling that they’d be too difficult for me to paint and that’s why they’ve not been painted before now. Having just finished my Goblin team and being pleased with the results, I plucked up the courage and put brush to model.

The Dhar City Blue Devils


I need 4 Ghouls in total. I thought that I had 4 but when I came to paint them I realised that I only had two. It’s then that I had a brain wave! I had 2nd Edition Orc Catchers that are a very similar pose to the 3rd Edition Ghouls and they also have enough skin showing to make them look very similar, so I decided to use them rather than pay £10 a model on eBay.


One of the first teams that I played against when I returned to Blood Bowl was an Undead team using these miniatures. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with them ever since. I remember not knowing what a Wight was and constantly forgot which model was which on the board. I do like how these have turned out.


Two different minis here. The first is the metal Wilhem Cheney model from the GW 2nd Edition Undead (same range as Frank ‘n’ Stein). The second is from Impact! Miniatures and came as part of my Valkyrie team. I think he fits this team really well and it is nice to have some variation.

Flesh Golems

These are the 2nd Edition Undead player Frank ‘n’ Stein. I’ve always liked these miniatures and having two is a perfect look for this team.


These are straight from main 3rd Edition set. I like these models more than I thought I would. They are less cartoony than I usually prefer but they fit the team very well.


Personally, I think of Blood Bowl Skeletons as very lightly armoured and with more bone showing. I know that this is because the 2nd Edition books used Warhammer models to represent early Undead teams. To my me these particular models are too well covered and are quite big when compared to the Mummies; maybe the Mummies are too small though.


I had a few zombies from the 3rd Edition set and again didn’t want to break the bank by picking up extras online. I opted instead to use an old 2nd edition Human Lineman, a Dark Elf Kicker and a Beastman. The nice thing about this approach is that I can add more races to the list should I need them. I’ve got plenty of spare models.

Colour Scheme

Purple – Naggaroth Night, Nuln Oil Wash, Xereus Purple, Xereus Purple with White Scar

Light blue – Caledor Sky, Nuln Oil Wash, Teclis Blue, Lothern Blue

Dark Blue – Kantor Blue, Nuln Oil Wash, Kantor Blue with White Scar

Ghoul Flesh – Fenrisian Grey, Nuln Oil Wash, Fenrisian Grey, Fenrisian Grey with White Scar

Zombie Flesh – Something related to Skinks? I’ll remember when look at the pot.

Bases – Warboss Green, Dry Brush Mott Green, Dawnstone, White Scar.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures. Camera battery and laptop issues! Grr!


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