Ideas for NAF website

There’s been talk of a new NAF website for years and there’s new software due for release this year to help run tournaments. The software is specifically needed for the upcoming Blood Bowl World Cup but will be available for Tournament Organisers (TOs) as a replacement to “Score!”.

My understanding from the NAFCast (the NAF’s own podcast) is that it is being developed by the same company and my hope is that they properly interact with each other and allow TOs, coaches, NAF members and interested Blood Bowlers to manage their tournaments, view their records, post results and add information such as rosters, match reports and photos. As well as a website and some offline software, I’d also really like an App to do some of the basic tasks. I’d love for coaches to receive notification of their next tournament matches via the app, and then for them to be able to post photos and comments about the match via the app as well as submitting (with confirmation from opponent) the result which then automatically posts it to the TOs software.

I’d love coaches to be able to submit their rosters to the TOs through the website and for the rosters to be recorded in the NAF database as part of the key information available for display and interrogation.

As well as all of the functional bell and whistles, any new site MUST provide all of the information that any new Blood Bowl player would need to get into the tabletop and online games, as well as everything that you need to run a league and a tournament. If should be the #1 resource for Blood Bowl in the World and in itself be a reason for coaches to want to join the NAF.

I pulled together the sketches below in a few minutes (literally – it took longer to scan them than draw them). I have passed them onto the NAF and am always available to help them and the game. I don’t know what they have in mind or when their changes will be released but I hope that they’ve gone down this route.

Ideas for NAF App

Ideas for NAF website


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