Free Blood Bowl Pitch for PVC Banner Printing

Several months ago I started working on a custom Blood Bowl pitch. It was going to be a prize at the first ExeBowl but didn’t manage to get completed in time. I’d pretty much forgotten about it until recently when I’ve seen several people taking advantage of PVC banner printing online. I took the plunge last week and ordered copies of my pitches and was really pleased with the results.

I’ve put so much work into the pitch and it seems a shame not to share what I came up with, so I present to you HairyPete’s Blood Bowl Pitch.

Blood Bowl Pitch by HairyPete

Blood Bowl Pitch by HairyPete

Disclaimer: I’m not a graphic design guru and this was a learning experience for me. It’s basic but does the job 🙂

There are three files. The PSD and XCF files can be used in PhotoShop and GIMP respectively and include some of the main layers that I used to create it in the first place.  For those of you inclined to make a few modifications these are the ones that you will want to use. The third is a high quality JPG file that you can submit to one of the many online printers to get your own copy of the pitch.

HairyPete’s Blood Bowl Pitch (PSD [CMYK], 28Mb)

HairyPete’s Blood Bowl Pitch (XCF [RGB], 113Mb)

HairyPete’s Blood Bowl Pitch (JPG, 9Mb)

The pitch is W 78.4cm x H 55cm at a resolution of 300dpi.

I printed mine without eyelets, with clean cut edges to a custom size on 550gsm premium PVC. The exact options will depend on the printer that you choose. I used this (550g Premium PVC Banner) from Colour Graphics. There are many companies that offer this online and there are always discounts available. Find and use the one that you are happy with.

Feel free to use the PSD/XCF and JPG for personal use or for your club or tournament. Use it as a template and customise it as you want. I created an RGB version of the PSD and then converted it to XCF, so that you can use it in a free graphics tool such as GIMP. If you use the PSD or the XCF you will be able to easily change the background, dugout colours and add logos and text as you like. For those that haven’t used these tools before I’ll put together a quick tutorial over the next couple of weeks.

I ask two things 1) Don’t use it commercially or for profit, and 2) Help to get more people playing Blood Bowl!

This is version one. If I get lots of feedback then I’ll consider a version two in the future – but it won’t be fancy! Please leave comments below or send me an email.

I’m not going to add more than that. Enjoy it. Use it. I’d love to see the custom pitches that you make.


3 thoughts on “Free Blood Bowl Pitch for PVC Banner Printing

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  2. Good Stuff, I`ll print it out after some modding:) cheers!:)

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