Blood Bowl: Daisy, Daisy…

My first tournament of 2015 is next week and there’s a nice little addition in honour of the event being held on a dairy farm.

Daisy you’re a little star
Strange things happen on the farm in wildest Somerset. Some of the more inquisitive cow based locals have become interested in what’s going on, each team will be allowed to have one Minotaur Calf join their team at the start of the tournament, they have the following profile:

Minotaur Calf 5 3 2 7 Loner, Horns, Disturbing Presence

The calf joins the team as a regular player and may take the number of players on a team over 16 but only 11 on the field at once please. The calf will not carry SPP’s from game to game and cannot gain skills in any way. The calf will ‘regenerate’ at the start of each game, same as the rest of the team.

We would like those attending to provide their own ‘Minotaur Calf’; there will be an award for best painted/most imaginative interpretation of this. Please be sensible in the interpretation, approximately 28mm scale taking up about one square would be appreciated.

There will be some spot prizes for Calf related antics.”

I’ve modelled my Daisy using a 2nd Edition human lineman with a simple head swap for a Hornby cow. The paint scheme is a more pink variant of my Chaos team’s uniform because Daisy is the baby of the team. Don’t think it will win any prizes but I like it 🙂

"Daisy" - Custom figure for BUBBA

“Daisy” – Custom figure for BUBBA


2 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Daisy, Daisy…

  1. You should see mine. I think it’s a bit too beefy for a calf…

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