RTTNAFC : Game 2 (Norse v Dark Elves)

A quick post about my second game of the RTTNAFC tournament. After my first round win I was paired with a Dark Elf team (one of many Elf teams in the competition) and I was a little bit concerned. Like a lot of people I have a problem playing against Dark Elves. They can do so much and have so many weapons and yet are a bit tougher to knock out than most Elves.

To cut a long story short, I lost 1-0. My opponent elected to kick to me in the first half which meant that I was receiving; something that I don’t really like doing. I caged up straight away and initially thought I was doing quite well. My opponent knew what he/she was doing and kept the right amount of pressure and distance. I was more wary of my player’s Frenzy skill and probably too conservative as a result. In the end I didn’t manage to score in the half which was a disappointment and really put me on the backfoot.

Into the second half and my opponent was able to move the ball forward, I did get a 1DB on the ball carrier to try to stop him from scoring but rolled a Push and that was that. 1-0. I still had a few turns with which to equalise though and thought I got myself into a decent position. On Turn 8 I needed things to go my way but I had a reroll to help me. I tried a Blitz to push a marking Dark Elf out of the way but misclicked and messed up my plan. In the end I tried to Blitz down a Wrestle Witch elf with a Beserker and 1 Dice but could only Push again. Only thing left was a handoff, some dodges and some GFIs. I did the *hard* bit but failed the important final dodge and fell over. I lost 1-0.

It was a funny game. I’m not normally one to have a plan and to be thinking too far ahead, but in this game I felt as if I couldn’t see the plays very well. I think that this was partially my mindset and partially mu opponent’s play. I’m not taking anything away from the opposing coach as they deserved the win. I am disappointed in myself though for not making a better go of it.

The draw for Round 3 is made on Friday so we shall see what I am up against then.

For those that are interested, here is the position that I was in on the final turn of the game. As well as what I actually did (the misclick was that the Ulf was supposed to Blitz) and the full game replay.

I’d love to see your suggestions for what I *should* have done! 🙂


RTTNAFC - Game 2 H2T8

RTTNAFC – Game 2 H2T8

Update – 29th January

So I’ve been thinking about this some more! I also played a tabletop game last night and it made me think more about positioning and movement. I then watched the play again and even with the misclick I don’t understand why I pushed the Witch towards the sideline. I’m guessing that I was thinking only of knocking her over. Both blocks were 1 dice and two pushes were good enough – and that’s what I got! I could have pushed her inwards and left the sideline free. With the dice that I then had (assuming they would have been the same) I could have handed off, dodged out and GFId for the touchdown.


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