RTTNAFC : Game 1 (Norse v Skaven)

As Round 1 of the RTTNAFC tournament comes to an end, I thought I’d quickly summarise my first game. I was playing my 1100TV Norse team. I’ve taken a Snow Troll, one Ulfwerener, 1 Runner, 2 Beserkers, 7 Linemen, 1 Apothecary and 3 Rerolls. For my three normal skills that I can select for the first three rounds I have given Mighty Blow to the Troll, Block to the Ulf and Sure Hands to the Runner.

Hellspire Snowstorm

My reasoning behind the selections are based around never having played Norse and never having managed the blocking and positioning risks of Frenzy to this level. For that reason I only took one Ulf and have given him Block for the extra level of protection. I sacrificed the second Ulf for the third reroll. The rules don’t allow you to pick Double skills until Round 4 and I wanted the Troll to be useful early; he’s my riskiest piece but also a potential killer (ands therefore target) when the Mighty Blow is combined with his Claw.

So onto the match. The skaven that I was facing had 4 Gutter Runners, 2 Blitzers, 1 Thrower, 4 Linerats, 2 Rerolls and the Star Player Hakflem Skuttlespike. Hakflem is basically a stronger, mutated Gutter Runner with the skills to let him go anywhere and do anything. The coach had selected Guard on both of the Blitzers and Wrestle on one of the Gutter Runners. I suspected the tactic would be to get the ball to Skuttlespike, protect him with the Guard Blitzers and let him do the rest.

I’m not going to go into too much detail as the beauty of FUMBBL is that you can go and watch the replay for yourselves 🙂 Basically though, I kicked off to the Skaven who took the ball down their left and attempted to get it Hakflem. It took me a couple of turns to get used to my players, the prime example being surfing a Gutter Runner with my Ulf…and getting him stuck there to be surfed himself next turn. The first few turns played out as expected except that I was doing it without my Runner in Reserve. A FUMBBL bug triggered when I mis-marked the player at kickoff meant he was missing for a drive (the bug has been logged and didn’t affect the game). The first score took a little longer than expected after the Skaven’s handoff to Hakflem failed which gave me a chance to recover the ball. The Guard and my positioning didn’t give me the ball for long though and I was 1-0 down.

It did give me the chance to get the ball and attack the Skaven players though. I was able to get the ball, cage up and march downfield for the Turn 8 score causing quite a lot of destruction along the way. I received in the second half with a numbers advantage and this continued for another 8 turns as I made my way downfield with the Skaven valiantly trying to stop me. The Wrestle Gutter Runner was proving to be a real pain and when he did find himself on the floor my players rushed to him and made sure he didn’t get up!

So a 2-1 win in my first game and 4 casualties leaving me on +3 points. I’m very happy with that especially as I think I grew into the team and once I got used to them I was more successful.

Interestingly this was my opposing coach’s very first game on FUMBBL. It was therefore a great example of bring tabletop or Cyanide players to the FUMBBL environment. I hope that it works the other way too and brings online players to the tabletop game 🙂

Round 2 is sure to bring a new set of challenges for the Hellspire Snowstorm!

If you want to see the game then you can take a look at the replay here – https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=3643073



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