Blood Bowl : Current Team Painting and Modelling Projects

I was sorting through the Cave the other day doing a general tidy and reorganising some stuff when about half way through the process I decided that putting all of the outstanding Blood Bowl team projects in one place would be very useful. Makes sense right? Get all of the models, conversion bits and sprues needed for each project and put them in marked tubs or boxes. Makes perfect sense, especially to someone who loves organising as much as I do (it’s the thought and act of initially organising that I like, I’m not so good at keeping things organised).

The "Shelf"

The “Shelf”

So after all of that here’s what I have on my plate! That’s EXCLUDING the Chaos Dwarves that I am currently painting (more on them later) my Chaos Pact and the three, yes three, teams that should soon be with me from the Impact! Miniatures Kickstarter; for what it’s worth I got Khemri, Wood Elf and I don’t remember what other team (it’s been so long).

The High Elf and Nurgle teams are going to be my attempt to create teams by converting Warhammer Fantasy plastic miniatures. I’ve never done this sort of thing before so am expecting mixed results. I think the Nurgle team will end up looking the best. Although they are both team that I want to play on the tabletop, they are low down my lost of hobby priorities. This is mainly because I currently equate progress to painting and these won’t be ready for paint for a long while. A change of mindset is needed here.

Partially built High Elves

Partially built High Elves

In Progress Nurgle conversions

In Progress Nurgle conversions

The Goblins and Skaven are out of my love of 2nd edition miniatures. I had a few goblins and a few skaven but not enough to make full teams and had already purchased an Underworld team. I’ve added to the goblins with some 3rd edition models, which I am fine with as their variation looks good in contrast to the pretty boring 2nd edition poses. I still need to get some more skaven (and already have a painted 3rd ed team anyway). I’m thinking that I’ll use the same paint scheme for both teams so that I can combine them to another Underworld team should the mood take me in the future.

Goblins :)

Goblins 🙂

2nd Edition Humans have recently been stripped and will be my next painting project. I only did them a while ago but my painting have improved quite a bit since I finished them and I wanted to redo them as I will probably take them to the NAF Championships (NAFC) in May.

Humans. Next on the list.

Humans. Next on the list.

The Meiko skaven and Underworld only arrived in the post a few weeks ago so they’ll stay there for now. I was originally going to take Underworld to the NAFC but think the Humans will be more forgiving.

Dwarves are dwarves. I’ve got no real desire to play them (I will have to one day) but I do think that they will make an interesting painting project. There are a lot of them and there are a lot of different models in the collection.

Primed Dwarves

Primed Dwarves

Then there are the Undead and Necromantic teams to paint (oh and 2nd Ed Orcs). They are pretty much ready to go, except for a few pieces that I need to stick to a base and prime. Not sure when I’ll get round to these. I’ve not played with either of these teams and at the moment they don’t have any desire to play them. I don’t know why though.

Undead/Necro...and some Orcs

Undead/Necro…and some Orcs

So as you can see, I have got more than enough to be getting on with. Probably two or three years worth of painting project based on the last couple of years. I don’t need to buy anything for a couple of years either. Not full teams anyway. There are still a few Star Players and a couple of odds that I would like 😉

You may have noticed from the title of this post that it was about the teams that I have to work on. There’s a whole load of other things that I would like to work on…but that’s for another post 🙂


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