Completed Blood Bowl Norse / Amazon Team

I got the Valkyrie team from Impact! Miniatures several months ago now, when the cave was finished and I was braving the world on non-GW miniatures for the first time. They arrived and I took a look and wasn’t impressed and got stuck into other projects, and as with most hobby deliveries they stayed in their original packaging and sat on the shelf.

Fast forward to the summer and I assembled and primed several team, including the Valkyries, in readiness for the winter when I can prime less and paint more. Skip forward again to just a few weeks ago when, having not had a real painting project for a while, other than trying to improve, I surveyed what was ready to go and picked them up of the shelf; being able to play the team as Amazons and Norse was a factor in them being selected but I also though that they would take the blue and white colour scheme that I had been using on the Warhammer High Elves.

I applied the same lessons that I had learnt in painting the elves both in terms of how I built up the colours and the technique used, to the overall process of working on a few models at a time, the brushes used and way that I held the miniatures while working on them.

The more that I worked with the models, the more that I came to like them. The detailing is very poor compared to the GW plastics that I have been working with a lot recently, but they do come together well and at £22 for a whole team you can’t complain. I made the decision not to go into some of the very fine detail that I would attempt on better models. My skill level isn’t at the level yet where I could attempt that on these miniatures and get decent results.

I am really pleased with how they turned out. REALLY pleased. I think that they are my best looking team and I can’t wait to get them out on the pitch. I like that I can see a definite improvement in the quality of my work and yet I’m sitting here looking forward to bettering it on the next team 🙂

(I will do some better photos)

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