Getting ready for ExeBowl 2

The first ExeBowl was only a week ago but I have been busy working on the 2015 version over the last week and yesterday I published some of the changes.

There were a few things related to the rules themselves that I wanted to tweak. These are not core games rules, but rules related to the operation of the tournament. Things like what type of casualty causing event counts towards your match total and how coaches are ranked (e.g. net touchdowns, casualties, strength of schedule).

I’m not disappointed with the first set of rules, but they were not as balanced as they needed to be and preferred certain types of teams and play style over others. The original selection was because of my naivety of tournament Blood Bowl play and match balance than anything else. Remember, that when I created ExeBowl I was halfway through my first league in nearly 20 years and hadn’t played a Blood Bowl tournament. I’d much prefer that in the second ExeBowl that all races have an equal chance of winning the tournament overall. I am lucky that the NAF Championship rule pack has been released recently and I have shamelessly taken their rules for ranking coaches. It seems like the fairest approach.

ExeBowl 2 Logo

I’ve also chosen not to add any special rules or quirks to the tournament. I want it to be simple and standard. Maybe further down line I will embellish the tournament but for now I am happy with clean, out of the box, Blood Bowl.

I’ve also kept it as a 1 day, 3 game tournament. I’d like to try and get 4 games in but this will depends on the venue in certain regards. Having run a 1 day tournament I have no problems with running a 2 day event. Next year though is the World Cup and lots of players in the ExeBowl catchment area are thinking of attending that. I don’t want the first ExeBowl 2 dayer to fail because I scheduled it at a time that excluded half of my player base. It is something that I’d still like to do in the future.

In terms of style, I took my obsession with the 2nd Edition of Blood Bowl and have recreated the look and feel of the Hand Book and Rule Book in my website and the tournament rules pack.

I’m really pleased to have lots of interest in players coming to ExeBowl 2: 2nd Edition, and even more pleased that coaches that played in the first one a prepared to come back!

ExeBowl 2: 2nd Edition Hand Book (Website)

ExeBowl 2: 2nd Edition Rule Book (PDF)





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