Blood Bowl – Tournament Roster Template

I created a tournament roster template for ExeBowl based on the brilliant Halfling Scribe spreadsheet that you can find on website. It’s a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that pulls through the costs and skills of all the player positions and includes rules for inducements and Star Player selection.

As with most tournaments ExeBowl has a Team Value limit and some rules about the number and type of skills that can be selected. The ExeBowl roster sheet takes these rules and applies them (I hope) to the roster so that you can see straight away if your roster is tournament legal or not. I’ve also added columns for the skill selection for each player so that you can see if it is a Normal or a Double skill and it is then displayed separately from a player’s basic skills.

When I attended my first tournament I took this template, stripped out some of the validation and used it to put together my team.

I’ve kept is fully unprotected in keeping with the way that the Halfling Scribe version is found on the NAF site. I like to keep one master document and save a copy of each of the roster sheets that I build and eventually take, keeping one sheet as a template.

I find it useful and a couple of the other players have found it useful too.

So I thought that you might find it useful too.

Blood Bowl Tournament Roster


One thought on “Blood Bowl – Tournament Roster Template

  1. Very useful, thanks for sharing!

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