Completed – Blood Bowl Ogre Team

I started this Blood Bowl Ogre team last winter during the NFL post season. The Super Bowl came and went and these just stayed on the shelf taunting me, daring me to finish them. I had no desire to paint for a while and it was only during the #WorldCupPaintingPact that I managed to complete them. I did the Chaos team remarkably quickly and found myself with time and an eagerness to paint and hobby, so finishing these was an ideal little project.

Five of the six Ogres are the original 2nd edition models (two of those are Morgs). The sixth model is a later version of the Star Player Morg. The snotlings are not all Blood Bowl miniatures but I believe they are Warhammer versions from a similar period. The original Blood Bowl models are quite hard to come by at a reasonable price although I have since come by a set of them and will be adding a few more to the ranks in between other projects.

I’m intending to play these in my second Blood Bowl tournament in September.

(Apologies for some of the photography in these recent posts. I am still working on a better lighting setup – Pete)

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