Completed – Blood Bowl Chaos Team

During the recent World Cup I participated in the #WorldCupPaintingPact with a few others on Twitter. The goal was to paint a Blood Bowl team in the time between the opening game and the Final. I posted lots of in progress shots on Twitter but haven’t posted the finished team here…until now.

I wanted to keep the overall scheme simple and so stuck with the classic chaos colours of red and black. I also got so far into the painting of the team overall that I didn’t want to spoil what I had done by adding extra details or trying techniques; that is why the Warriors are very basic looking. I think that as a group they look better in person than they do in the pictures.

This was also the first time that I tried painting eyes onto my miniatures and it was also the first time that I took a more detailed (and time consuming approach) with the bases. I also added layers of gloss and satin varnish to finish to these miniatures and help to protect them on the tabletop.

I am really proud of what I managed to achieve and I think that as a team they represent a step forward in my painting abilities. I have some more confidence to take into the next projects and will look to try some new techniques.

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3 thoughts on “Completed – Blood Bowl Chaos Team

  1. Congrats on finishing the team. I think that the eyes turned out really well. The few times that I have tried that has been frustrating for me. Nice work!

    • Thank you. I am really pleased with the eyes. A very basic technique but one that takes the figures to another level. I’ve now got to go back and add them to the teams that I’ve already done. This is a tough task though as I could ruin what I’ve done.

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