Blood Bowl: Custom markers

Ever since returning from my first Blood Bowl tournament (yes, I am still going on about it) I have been buzzing with Blood Bowl hobby ideas. One of the things that I did like were custom markers for turn, reroll, score and casualties. Not everyone uses them but I did like them and given that I’m working on some custom pitches an dugouts that have smaller squares for each of those game elements, I thought I would have a go at making my own.

The simplest of all are these casualty markers. They are tombstones from the Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts army that I found on a Bits site. I’ve stuck them to a standard 20mm square base, given them a simple base using some grit and some static grass and painted very simply. In terms of game play they can be used to show on your own sideline/dugout whenever you cause a counting casualty.

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Still simple, although with slightly more effort are these custom markers that I’ve made to use on one of my new pitches.  Very simply these are sections of a wooden drinks stirrer glued with wood glue to a section of match stick. I’ve then filled in the slot of a 20mm square base and pushed the matchstick in. Let this dry and then base and paint as you like. I’ve free-handed the lettering on each marker. This was only a quick project and if I make some more I think I would weather them more – cut some gaps in the main board and maybe score it to bring out some extra wood grain. I’m going to fill in the underside of the base as they are very light and I’m used to playing with metal miniatures that have more weight to them.

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One thought on “Blood Bowl: Custom markers

  1. I like the custom markers. They show that extra bit of flair to the game. Sometimes sticking to simple is best.

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