Custom Blood Bowl Pitch : Update

A few days ago I posted some pictures of my custom designed Blood Bowl pitch that I’m going to get printed on to vinyl. To help push things along a little bit I managed to print the pitch out on 9 sheets of A4 paper and sellotape it together to get a full size version. This was a really useful exercise as it helped me to check the practical aspects of the pitch – size of the markers and dugouts – but also the graphic elements such as foreground and background layers and image opacity. I’ve got no experience printing anything on this scale or on a medium other than paper so some of the details may change again.

Following my print out checks and some great feedback on Twitter I’ve done a final version which I’m getting printed. When I have samples back I’ll share them here.

I’ve made the dugouts bigger and moved the score markers to be above the turn and reroll markers. I’ve also reduced the font size on the weather, casualty and injury tables and moved them slightly. This has helped me to move the throwing table up into the dugout area rather than on the pitch. As a result I’ve moved the scatter template to the middle of each half. This helps keep the pitch itself much tidier. I have removed the number markings on the pitch as I felt it was a bit too ‘busy’. I do really like the numbers though so will probably end up adding these back in a future iteration and think they will end up in the wide zones.

The overall pitch dimensions have remained the same and when I took the paper version to the club on Wednesday it fits all of our tables with plenty of room. The next league season should be much easier and I should be able to keep my match report notes next to me rather than on the floor where I forget about them!

Comments and suggestions are still welcomed. Have you tried to create a custom pitch or board for your game of choice?


Printed and sellotaped

Printed and sellotaped

Grass version

Grass version

Granite version

Granite version


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