Progress with Collecting 24 Blood Bowl Teams

I’m working towards collecting and painting a team for each of the 24 Blood Bowl races and I thought I quickly share where I am with this little hobby goal. I’m trying not to double up on anything until I have one of everything (I did break this rule recently with skaven!).


  • Humans – Metal 2nd edition. Want to go back and tidy up the details and bases on these as my painting has improved since I did them.
  • Orcs – Plastic 3rd edition from the box set. Still want to paint a troll, goblin, chainsaw and some sideline figures. Detailing as above.
  • Elves – Metal 2nd edition. Have 3 cheerleaders to finish.
  • Halflings – Metal 2nd edition. Detailing as above.
  • Chaos – I found another beastman that I’d like to paint up but the rest is done.
  • Skaven – Metal 3rd edition. Detailing as above.
  • Ogres – Mainly 2nd edition ogres with a newer style Morg in there too. Snotlings include WFB minis but I have original Blood Bowl ones now that need swapping.


These are owned and I have plans for them but they need some work to either assemble, convert or strip them before I can work on them more.

  • Dwarves – Mixture of 2nd and 3rd edition metal. Primed and ready to go.
  • Vampires – Using combination of 2nd edition orcs as thralls and old metal WFB black orcs as vampires. Did prime them but think I will strip them and start again as I don’t like the white.
  • Chaos Pact – 2nd edition star players and big guys. Won’t paint these for a while as I want them to be the very best I can do. May get another Pact team in the meantime.
  • Chaos Dwarves – Impact miniatures team. Assembled, based and primed.
  • Dark Elves – 2nd edition metal. Stripped, assembled, based and primed.
  • Norse – Impact miniatures valkyrie team. Assembled, based and primed.
  • High Elf – Conversion from WFB miniatures. Started to assemble and mold he parts that I need.
  • Undead – Unexpectedly won a GW metal team on eBay so will work around these now. Assembled, based and primed.


  • Necro – Will add to the metal Undead team to make them into a combined Undead/Necro team.
  • Underworld – Meiko Miniatures Ratmen / Underworld campaign (I got another skaven team too).
  • Wood Elves – Timberline elves from the Impact Kickstarter.
  • Khemri – Impact Miniatures via Kickstarter.
  • Lizardmen – Sarcos team via Impact Miniatures Kickstarter.


  • Nurgle
  • Slann
  • Amazon – Probably an Impact team.
  • Goblin – May get the Pedro Ramos team when they come out for funding.

After these I will work on Star Players and sideline figures…but that’s quite a way off as there’s so much to work on there and there’s everything else that I’m trying to do in the background too (pitches, tournaments, turn markers etc).

in the next week or two I will be stripping the Dark Elves and assembling the Valkyries and Chaos Dwarves so that they can be primed before the weather turns. I’ll redo the Vampire Orcs too. While I’m doing that I will be planning out how to build and convert the Undead/Necro and High Elf teams. I’m thinking of painting up the extra Orc characters too as I may play them in the next club league.


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