The man cave gets a tidy

Since I spent the best part of a winter decorating the house and then working on the man cave I don’t think I’ve posted here anything on what it looks like now.

Earlier I spent a little bit of time moving and reorganising the furniture and my hobby stuff. I’m a good organiser. I like having things organised and well stored. My problem is that I’m not really a neat and tidy person. Over time things just get messy and rubbish piles up and things don’t get put away and, well, things need reorganising.

Part of the changes are due to me painting more and being more interested and active in the miniatures hobby. There are a few important things for me in the cave. The computer is vital as it gives me my streaming TV, films and Youtube tutorials. I use the cave a lot over the winter months with the NFL or football on in the background either on the TV or the radio. I also like to have all of my paints, brushes and other tools close to hand as well as the miniatures that I am working on and want to work on next. I don’t find it daunting having a pile of things to do, I find it quite motivational. I also like to have on display the things that I have done. This is really nice as I can see the progress that I have made over the last year or two.

  • Purple drawers on the right have got my paints in.
  • Box on the lowest shelf above the desk has got my next projects in it.
  • Red boxes have some comedy DVDs and some old camera equipment in.
  • Tall black drawers on the right are full of wires and computer stuff.
  • Tall black drawers on the left with the laptop on top have got assorted hobby and modelling bits in them.
  • The little perspex boxes on the white shelves have got my painted Blood Bowl teams in.
  • Clear box with the green lid has got more Lego in it from when I was a kid.
  • In the other end there is a load of junk behind the curtain and on top there’s my PS3 and my Homebrewed Wii (for Zelda).

This is it looking its best 🙂

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