Blood Bowl – Training Report (Elves v High Elves)

Last game before Gert Bowl and I tried a couple of skill changes. The wisdom of Twitter suggested Kick on a Thrower and keeping him as a utility piece. The thinking being that this piece would really be out of the major action and certainly less than the lineman that I was going to give Kick to. The move of Kick freed up a skill that I decided to add to a high value piece – a Catcher. I wanted something a little more defensive and went for Tackle.

So who was I facing…? High Elves. A little unexpected but an interesting battle. I’ve played High Elves a little bit on FUMBBL recently and found their AV8 much less fragile that I did the Elves AV7 in the tabletop league. Sounds obvious but it makes a big difference when you play the game as the Elves can disappear pretty quickly sometimes.

So I won the toss and elected to Kick. I’m not sure why I did this really because in my head I was thinking I’d get an early score (i.e. receive). Anyway. I kicked short knowing the opposition could handle the ball pretty quickly anyway and hoping to take advantage of an early mistake or Blitz result. In the end we had a Riot and a shortened first half that the High Elves started with a bashy game against me. I pretty much surrounded the High Elves at one point but this did leave me short in places and the High Elf Blitzer with Frenzy was useful in clearing the extra spaces. I”m not saying the dice were against me but it seemed that my players were always getting knocked over. The Thrower, with Kick, was injured in the first couple of turns and stuns and KOs were pretty frequent. The High Elves progressed slowly downfield and eventually scored on their Turn 8. It was a stalled drive and I nearly got back prevent the score but with AG4 and rerolls you can move pretty freely. 1-0 at half time.

Into the second half and I was down a couple of players and receiving. This half the blocks went my way a little more and I was able to control possession better and moved the ball down the right hand side. By Turn 5 I’d caused a casualty of my own and was in position to score. I decided though to test myself a bit and stall for an extra turn. Often in games I wanted to stall another turn to put things in my favour more but chickened out and it would cost me. I ran through stopped short of the line and ran through the supporting players to screen the ball carrier. As always with this kind of thing though I mis-positioned a player by a single square and allowed a blitz; there’s still so much to learn and have in my ‘game muscle memory’. So we had a massive scrum right in the corner. The High Elves made it in a took the ball back, I dodged in a knocked the ball free myself. Numbers were low. Space was short and players were failing rolls all over the place. So it came to Turn 8 the ball was on the ground with a High Elf guarding it. I stood a player up for the assist, blitzed a High Elf into the crowd and then ran back to pickup the ball, dodge out and score. Very Elfy and all completely unnecessary. The game ended 1-1.

It was a useful game as for a lot of it I only had 6 or 7 players. I also think that I am better off playing to my strengths in terms of skill selection rather than defending against the opposition. Wrestle is a good skill for me as it can be useful on attack and defence but other pure defensive skills require me to ‘think’ a bit too much. That will come in time but for now I just want to play my game, meet some new people and try and have fun.

So I am off to Gert Bowl in the morning with these things in mind. I’ll try and tweet some updates but may be to involved in the games to remember!


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