ExeBowl – Swag alert!

ExeBowl is Exeter’s first NAF approved Blood Bowl tournament and is being hosted by Rygas Roughnecks gaming club.

It’s our very first Blood Bowl tournament and from Day 1 the aim has been to keep it simple, balance the books and have some fun. We want to get the tournament established in the South West circuit and hope that there will be many more ExeBowl’s in the future.

That plan meant that we weren’t able to offer some of the swag and prizes normally associated with tournaments. Until now…

Thanks to the generous support of the Roughnecks and the support of those that have already paid for the event, I am able to go ahead and offer 2 custom ExeBowl dice to all players as part of their registration as well as one entry to the raffle prize draw.

Everyone will be in with a chance of going home with a nice prize.

On top of that I will also be able to offer a prize to the winner of the first ExeBowl and some smaller prizes for other awards.

Full details of the prizes will follow.

Again this wouldn’t be possible without the Roughnecks and those that have showed support for the tournament so far.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “ExeBowl – Swag alert!

  1. You may contact Tom Anders with Impact! Miniatures. They are usually willing to supply freebies to tournaments as a way to get people into their products. Just a thought. Good luck with the tourney!

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