Blood Bowl – Training Report (Elves v Necro)

This last few weeks have been Blood Bowl this and Blood Bowl that; things have moved on at a quite a pace! I’ve signed up to play in my first Blood Bowl tournament – Gert Bowl – and players at the club are already thinking forwards to the ExeBowl tournament in October. My painting table has also been a churning out completed Blood Bowl teams at a rate of knots.

Last night I played in a little tournament training game to help with general tournament play preparations. We played 3 minute turns with a team build of TV1100 and 6 Normal skills – essentially replicating ExeBowl.

I took my Elves – freshly touched up and aesthetically improved since their league run out. I took 1 Thrower with Accurate, 2 Blitzers both with Dodge, 3 Catchers one with Block, one with Wrestle and one with nothing. The team was filled up with 6 Linemen one with Kick for a total of 12 players.

I won the toss and elected to receive; not normal tactics but one that I have found  makes me play with more freedom. I like to have a score on the board. I know it’s not going to work everytime but at my level of experience has a significant impact on my overall game. I managed to score on the 3rd of 4th turn. It was your usual Elf touchdown. Punch through, run threatening players through, hold back then move the ball quickly upfield for the score. Accurate was useful in this instance as it turns the Thrower into an AG5 player for the actual pass action. I know Leader may be a more TV min-max skill choice and that Sure Hands gives you a reroll for one of the Throwers two main actions (already having Pass for the other one). I just found that Accurate gives me a little bit more flexibility with the throwing distance and given that my positioning isn’t always the best, this flexibility suits my style.

At the kick off I setup with a central, narrow formation and kicked short. The Kick skill giving me more scope for an accurate kick. As it happened the ball scattered to a player who dropped it and it scattered for a touchback. The opposing coach elected to give the ball to a player setup right on the half way line. I was hoping to give away a quick score and give myself 2 turns to take the lead again. The Tackle Wight took the ball upfield with a couple of Zombies in tow. I was still able to get a 2DB on him with one mobile Catcher providing an assist and the Wrestle Catcher making the block. The player was knocked over and the ball scattered into the crowd who did me a massive favour and threw the ball right up the other end of the field where only my Elves where able to take advantage, running it in for a second score and making it 2-0 at half time.

The second half was much quicker than the first. I kicked long this time and the Werewolf setup to receive first failed the pickup with a reroll and on the next turn failed the handoff with a reroll. In that time I was able to position myself to take advantage and ran in a third score to finish the game 3-0.

I did lose two players to injuries but likewise caused two of my own. The substitute player that I had at this TV made a big difference and I was at least able to have 10 players in defence rather than the 7 or 8 that I had in some early league games. The threat of Tackle was also something new to deal with as I didn’t face it in the league. Makes an Elf coach think that’s for sure!

So what did I learn? Well a Kick Lineman is a must as are two Blodging Blitzers. Elf Blitzers with Dodge are one of my favourite positionals in the whole game. Their annoyance factor is immense! A few blocks where they aren’t brought to the ground and they can be basing a ball carrier in no time (of course Tackle, Wrestle and Grab make a difference). Personally I liked Accurate on the Thrower and Wrestle on one of the Catchers. I think I need to explore the other skilled Catcher. Block is always a good skill (max of 2 of any skill so no Dodge) so it’s not too bad for the more offensive Catcher. The 3 minute turns was also very useful. The pace of the game is that much quicker. Keeping up that pace for 3 games a day will be an experience, that’s for sure.

I should be able to get another practise game in before Gert and will be playing more over the summer with the club players to help get us all used to a faster paced game.

If you have any tips or suggestions for Elf tournament rosters and play styles then I’d love to hear them.


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