ExeBowl Blood Bowl Tournament Update

As you will know I am running a Blood Bowl tournament in Exeter, UK on October 18th this year.

It’s a short 1 day, 3 game tournament with 5 normal skills and 1 double skill on a 1100TV roster. Nice and simple for my first time as a tournament organiser.

We’ve had two people confirmed and paid and have several others registering an interest on the TalkFantasyFootball forum. I continue to do all I can to publicise the event locally and on social media and will do so right up to October.

I have just purchased the http://www.exebowl.co.uk domain and am in the process of transferring everything over  (the old one still works in the meantime). I held off from purchasing the domain early on but after a few weeks of high intensity Blood Bowl love, I have come to the conclusion that ExeBowl will be on the UK tournament map for a long time to come. I have the support of the Rygas Roughnecks gaming club and that helps to manage one of the big factors/concerns at the start of the process – cost.

The target now is to get people to sign up and for us to have a fun tournament. After the tournament there will be time for reflection and improvement and we can think about how to make ExeBowl II even better 🙂


2 thoughts on “ExeBowl Blood Bowl Tournament Update

  1. Love a good website name. Difficult to resist when they are only a fiver or so! Fair amount of interested from Swindon.

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