World Cup Painting Pact

I was looking at the pile of primed Blood Bowl minis that are mounting up on the shelf and wondering when I was ever going to get to paint them all. I’m very much a winter painter – sitting in the cave watching a film, the football or an NFL game – the summer months are all about being outside and enjoying life. I am on a Blood Bowl surge at the moment and really want to capitalise on the enthusiasm by getting something painted.

I was pondering this a little on Twitter earlier today. My plan was to paint something in the evenings whilst I watch the World Cup in the background; in the UK the games are all evening and nighttime kick offs so perfect for painting. The fantastic Darren (@howlinggriffon on Twitter) said that he needed to paint something for a tournament that he’s signed up for. It was shortly after that he came up with the killer suggestion – we both commit to painting a Blood Bowl team and use each other for motivation.

So there it is the World Cup Painting Pact (#WorldCupPaintingPact), starting now and ending on Sunday 13th July with the World Cup Final. Pick something to paint and use each other for motivation.

I’ll be painting in the evenings and posting pictures here and on Twitter to keep me on track and will be painting a full Blood Bowl team of 14 to 16 players. I’ll probably be doing my Chaos team but will make the final selection tomorrow. We’ve also got Dave (@ThadrinBB) joining us with his Goblin/Halfling Scotling team.

There are no prizes, no glory, no fame and certainly no fortune but the World Cup Painting Pact will help to get a few miniatures painted.

If you want to keep track of progress then just check back here or follow us on Twitter and by all means join us!

Now let’s get painting.


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