Hobby Goal Update

In October 2013 I wrote a short post outlining some of my medium and long term hobby goals. As with all goals the purpose was to give me something to work towards and something to keep me focussed when I do get a chance to spend some time in the hobby cave.

The winter months are always good for my hobby time and I made a good amount of progress when the nights were cold and dark. Sunday nights watching the NFL and painting minis are a particular favourite. Now that the sun is out and the days are longer I prefer to be outdoors and progress tends to slow significantly.

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of the initial goals.

  1. Play in the local gaming club’s winter Blood Bowl league 
  2. Play a game on FUMBBL
  3. Join an online Blood Bowl league
  4. Collect and paint a tournament team for every Blood Bowl race
  5. Attend at least 1 Blood Bowl tournament in 2014
  6. Play each Blood Bowl race at a tournament
  7. Build and paint 1000pts of WFB High Elves
  8. Play a 1000pt game of WFB in 2014

Now for the updates.

Well I’ve just finished my first season in the local tabletop league (I hope you’ve read the match reports and the season report) and I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll be back next year to try to better my finish from this season. Also at the end of last year I started playing a little bit of online Blood Bowl with FUMBBL. Initially I had a lot of fun playing this especially in the Rookie 145 league that I took part in. I’m going to do another one of these in the near future. I’m counting this as being in a league but I know that it’s not a full organised and structured league. I still think they are a bit of a challenge for me to participate in because of my other commitments. But I will find one to join.

As for the Blood Bowl tournaments, well I have been steadily collecting some more teams, adding chaos dwarves, norse, ogres, dark elves, dwarves and vampires to the list of those that I already owned – elves, humans, orcs, halfing, skaven. I’m also working on necro and undead. So I am making progress on getting the teams, playing the teams on the other hand is much more difficult. My personal circumstances make it very difficult for me to attend them. I have worked to get around this though by setting up my very own NAF sanctioned tournament – ExeBowl. It sounds counter intuitive but it means I can sort things out at home well in advance and hopefully in a few years time when the tournament is established I will have one on my doorstep that I will be able to play in. So those goals are being worked on, they’ve just taken a slight change of direction. I still want to play the 24 but have come to the realisation that I’ll be starting and finishing the challenge as a much older player than most.

I’ve also started to construct some pitches and some stands and dugouts. This is a new direction for me and is a really nice change of pace from painting. I’ve enjoyed the more ‘crafty’ nature of the work and am looking forward to adding to these over the coming months and years.

Warhammer is the game that has fallen to the wayside. I’m not sure what it is but I’m not ‘feeling’ it at the moment. I’ve got a 1000pt of high elves based and primed. I just need to start painting them. The various Blood Bowl pitches are taking my time at the moment and I’m just staring at the elves on the shelf. I’ve also stopped listening to all but two of the Warhammer podcasts and have stopped following most of the Warhammer talk on Twitter. It’s just not gripping me enough.

One thing that has flown in to take its place is X-Wing. I’ve built up a decent collection on miniatures (although store stock levels brought it to a halt) and have enjoyed the couple of games that I’ve played. I’ll try to play more over the summer, although I do intend to keep up the Blood Bowl scene at the local club to keep interest high for the tournament. It’s a super quick game with lots of fun and interesting strategy. I can also pack the whole thing into a small box and keep it in the car. I’ve also got DeadZone sitting on the shelf and DreadBall too, but they don’t seem to have gained much traction locally and I’m happy for them to stay there for now.

That’s my update. Overall I am pleased with progress and I’m personally interested to see how, if, this changes over the summer but I am not too concerned. There is a World Cup with late night games so that may up the evening painting time considerably.

I hope you’ve made some good progress on your hobby goals and that you get to work on them as much as you want to over the summer.


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