A little hobby update

I’ve been picking up projects and have been making little bits of progress here and there so I thought that I’d write a short post updating on everything that I’ve got going on at the moment.

I’ve been having a podcast clear out. Only a few weeks ago I had nearly 60 podcasts on the download queue including about 40 gaming related ones. I’ve just got fed up of hearing the same things over and over again so I’ve unsubscribed from most of them. I did have a lot of Warhammer Fantasy podcasts and these especially were getting on my nerves. I’m down to two that I will listen to now. I was always a voyeur when it comes to WFB anyway and I think that I was getting a bit annoyed with it all so have also cut out a lot (but not all) of WFB social media.

To counter this I am very much into Blood Bowl. The league season is coming to an end, but I am getting a lot out of the Blood Bowl Twitter community and I am really enjoying the little projects that I’m working on. The biggest of these is my custom pitches. I’ve wanted to make a pitch for a long time, but whilst reading some of the old Blood Bowl magazines I saw an article about making a pirate pitch with a set of house rules for it. I’ve started making the pitch and will post on this separately soon. I’m also going to make a felt pitch and a variation of the classic astrogranite pitch. I’m not a modeller or crafter in any way really, but it’s a lot of fun and so far I am really pleased with progress. Flicking through the Blood Bowl magazines has been great fun too – it is an inspirational read.

I’m also still working on my teams collection. I’d like to have one team for each of the 24 Blood Bowl races and then after that maybe each of the star players. It is a long term project! I’ve been painting the ogres but needed to get the snotlings primed before I could do anything else. This was also a great opportunity to finally strip and prepare a couple of other teams. I’m always looking on eBay for bargains and recently picked up a 2nd edition dark elf team and a 2nd/3rd edition dwarf team. These along with the snotlings and some warriors and beastmen for a chaos team have been prepared and primed. I also primed the freshly stripped 2nd edition orc players that I’m going to use as thralls in my orc vampire team. The vampires are going to be a mixture of old 40k orks and Warhammer black orcs with the weapons snipped. I’m working on back stories for all of the teams and even the pirate ship pitch. This is really making me think about how I want them to look and play and is helping to drive me to get them all done.

Outside of miniature games, I have been fiddling with building and rebuilding my home media server from an old PC. This is something that I am always tinkering with really. I have also been wanting to play old Nintendo games – Zelda especially. So I have dusted off the Wii and spent an evening homebrewing it. That worked and was really simple, I’ll write something shortly to say what tools I used to do it. Anyway, I can now play Zelda again so will start playing that soon. I’ve not spent any time on it since getting it working as I need to reconfigure the buttons on the controller as it’s not natural to play at the moment.

What else? Oh I’m going to try to get back into playing some online Blood Bowl and am going to make a real effort to play tabletop games at the local club over the Summer. The ExeBowl tournament is doing well and we’re getting a lot of interest which is nice reward for the work to get it to this stage. There are a few bits to do before the event itself but we’re on track for a fun event. I do keep looking to find a Blood Bowl tournament that I can attend as a player, but think I will need to park that for a couple of years. I’ve not played any X-Wing recently but do have a few games lined up for when the Blood Bowl league finishes. I’m sure I’ll get back into that when the next wave of ships arrives.

All in all, hobby things are going well. There’s a lot going on and I am feeling good doing it. I’ll post and share on each of the individual projects as I work on them. At the moment it feels quite good doing a little bit of everything, which isn’t usual for me. I normally like to work on one thing until it is finished. But I think the fact that everything is so enjoyable means I can’t leave a project alone for too long.

I’d love to know what projects you are working on and what is motivating you at the moment.


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