ExeBowl I – Exeter’s 1st Blood Bowl Tournament

Well after a little bit of behind the scenes preparation and double and treble checking things ahead of the big announcement, ExeBowl I is here.

We’re running it at the Rygas Roughnecks Gaming Club and hope to have as many of our league players taking part in some capacity as possible.

It’s our first time running a Blood Bowl tournament and want to have a really fun event and have cut out some of the glitz and glamour of the bigger, more established events 😉 If all goes well we will run it annually and if it goes really really well then we could look to add a second 2-day event to the calendar as well. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and focus on delivering ExeBowl I first.

I’ll post on here about what I’m doing for the tournament and how I’m finding the whole experience. There’s quite a bit of time between now and the tournament, but I want to run the best tournament that I possibly can.

All of the details are up on http://exebowl.wordpress.com.

The basics are Saturday 18th October 2014, 1 day, 3 game table top Blood Bowl tournament.


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