X-Wing Miniatures Storage…Take 2

A little while ago, when I first started collecting X-Wing miniatures I posted a few pictures on Twitter of my storage solution. It’s a simple screw/nail organiser from the DIY shop, but the little boxes could be moved and I was able to keep ships, cards, templates and dice all in a simple carry case.

Old storage (and some toys)

Old storage (and some toys)

A few weeks later and my collection has slowly and steadily increased and the storage solution has had to change with it.

I spent a little bit of time looking at what was available and was considering buying one of the KR foam storage boxes, but couldn’t really justify the cost when I had boxes and other bits and bobs all over the hobby cave. Also, if I’m honest I didn’t want to throw my hobby money on storage when it could be spent on ships 😉

So, I’ve re-purposed a 9L Really Useful Box (classic hobbyists fare) and picked up a hobby tray that fits neatly on top.

I’ve used the tray to keep all of the in-game essentials and left the mission tokens and bases in the larger bottom section. Every X-Wing expansion comes with lots of little baggies and I’ve reused them here to keep everything tidy. I’ll build some additional separators into the top sections so that the tokens are easier to access during a game, but for now this is suits me.

Hobby tray

Hobby tray

The bottom section holds my current collection of ships, bases, mission tokens and rules. There’s plenty of room to spare and to be honest as the collection grows I’ll just get another box and replicate this setup as it works really well. I kept all of the little blisters for the expansions and have used them to protect the ship so there’s no foam required at the moment. Just a bit of bubble wrap to fill some space here and there. The metal R2-D2 tin is a little lunchbox that I got a while ago to hold my collection (before it grew…and grew…and grew). I’m keeping my Rebel ships in it at the moment so it’s not gone unused.

Main box

Main box

R2-D2 Lunchbox

R2-D2 Lunchbox

I’ve put a self-adhesive magnetic sheet in the base of the box and on the inside of the box lid. I’ve glued 6mm x 2mm rare earth magnets to the bottom of some of the bases to try and keep things steady when I’m playing games. To be honest I’ve not used these magnets before and although the magnets themselves are fine, the magnetic sheet doesn’t work as I’d have liked, so they don’t stick as strongly as I wanted. The lunchbox does stick though which is really useful as it stops everything moving around. I’m going to do a little more research and replace the sheets with something more suitable (any recommendations welcome).



I’ve printed up some X-Wing logos (nothing fancy) and stuck them on the sides and the lid, just so that it doesn’t get lost on the shelves. But there it is. My (current) storage solution for X-Wing.

It breaks down as 9L Really Useful Box (£5.50), Hobby tray (£3.00), 6mm x 2mm rare earth magnets (£0.12ea), 2 x A4 self adhesive magnetic sheet (£1.85). Cheaper than the DIY box and much more effective at storing everything. Lots of space to store my collection and lots of scope for adding foam and other protection as you need. I’m going to stick with this and just reconfigure the main storage section as I add ships.

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There you go. That’s how I’ve done it. Any suggestions? Any alternatives? I’d be interested to hear and will always be looking to tweak and personalise this solution.


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