Blood Bowl hobby projects

I’ve been a bad painter recently. My ogre team are still in the same state they were pre-Super Bowl and I’ve had no desire to paint while I’ve been playing in the league. I have been thinking about the models that I have and the teams that I’d like to build next though.

I’ve got a lot of 2nd edition metal orcs and want to repurpose them for something else. I already have an orc team of 3rd edition plastics and at this stage don’t need two orc teams. As much as this particular metal team means a lot to me, I think that stripping and starting again is the best thing. So I’m going to turn some of them into thralls and pickup some boss-like minis as vampires for them to serve. I’m looking at Fantasy style miniatures and have had a couple of recommendations for miniatures, I quite like the Mantic orc boss and flag carrier too. It’s early days on my model hunt so I’m still taking recommendations if you have them (hint hint). The thralls will keep the worn black armour of the existing team and will be painted with a very very pale orc flesh colour. The vampire orcs will be more individual in colour scheme and hopefully I’ll find some models that really stand out. Ideally I want old metals to go with the old orcs, but we’ll see how the hunt goes. I’m got some old 40k Evil Sunz pieces (a boss and some mechaniks) that I will try and repurpose. I have always liked the old Cyborc miniature and think that something like that would work quite well.

Vampire Orcs

Vampire Orcs

The second project that I want to undertake is an undead / necromantic conversion using my 3rd edition plastic human team. I’ve been considering this for a long time and Vortice miniatures have been releasing some really nice looking necromantic figures which have had me double-guessing myself. I’m intending to use some Warhammer Fantasy heads and arms to turn some of the humans into zombies and wights. There’s a really nice looking team on Talk Fantasy Football that has done the same. I’ll then look to add in similarly styled models for each of the other positionals. This will be a real test for me as I’ve never done anything like this before. I can see what I want in my mind though, it’s just the simple matter of finding the models and bits that I want and then converting and painting them to the standard that I have in my head. Nothing too difficult then!

Thirdly, I’ve also got a chaos team of 3rd edition beastmen and some 2nd/3rd edition chaos warriors. These are stripped and will be primed now that the weather is improving. I’ve also got the Impact! chaos dwarves and norse sitting on the shelf still, but don’t think these will be touched for a while as these other teams are little pet projects of mine. They’re all going to take a while to do as finding the bits that I need for the undead is proving difficult enough.

When it will all be done, who knows? I’ll keep you posted as I make progress but don’t expect a lot when the Summer gets here 😉


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