Match Report: Elves v Undead (Game 5)

Coming into this game, I knew that I wanted to change my playing style slightly. After the first game, where I felt that I wasn’t aggressive enough, I had become too aggressive and that resulted in me having too many players getting KO’d and injured. The elves are one of the teams that can deal with a lack of players, but 8 turns and more with 5 or 6 players is tough to consistently get results with, even for elves. The plan in this game was to stay way from the mummies and their Mighty Blow, but in general to apply pressure with tackle zones and not basing.

First Half

A Very Sunny first half kicked off with the weather already against my pass and move game, but with me overall as I gained another reroll for the match to add to my rostered 3 and the thrower’s Leader skill. I received the ball with my newly acquired third catcher had more options to charge through down both flanks with players and offering as many threats as possible. The undead were forced to cover my attacking threats while the mummies were restricted as my players dodged out of their natural range. After stalling for a turn, I scored with my star catcher on turn 3 and prepared for the onslaught as the undead would get a chance to bash my players from the kick off. Fortunately for me I was coaching at the top of my game and Perfect Defense allowed me to reposition my line elves and avoid the Mighty Blow, while the ball bounced behind the line of undead players on the LoS. On turn 4 though the undead team was out of rerolls and the elves were in the ascendancy. One of the undead’s four ghouls had picked up the ball and was being pressured by three elves because of the poor bounce, but he wasn’t protected by many team mates and on turn 6 I managed to steal the ball with a blitzer. The undead defense was suffering because of the lack of rerolls and the no-Block mummy fell over when he rolled Both Down. This left the elf blitzer to walk into the endzone for his first SPPs of the season. The final turn of the half was damage limitation from the elves and focussed switched to starting the second half with 11 players for the first time this season.

First Half Analysis

The first half could not have gone better for me really. The kick off table helped me out with the reroll and the Perfect D saved me from two Mighty Blow blocks. I was pleased to get some SPPs on one of my blitzers as this had been a problem for me in the previous four games. I was helped by reroll situation but above all was pleased that my new approach was working well.

Second Half

I kicked off in the 2nd half with 11 players for the first time this season. It didn’t last long though as my journeyman line elf took a nasty blow and was out for the rest of the game. The undead picked up the ball and moved it down field as they tried to get one back, but hoping to take out as many elves as they could on the way. There was an early attempt at a passing play from the undead but they fumbled the throw, but the elves couldn’t capitalise and they slowly crept towards the endzone. Turn 4 resulted in another lost elf and the undead where now only 1 turn away from scoring. They had a strong line on my right flank and a ghoul holding the ball and I only had a small number of standing elves defending but with the chance of a 1D blitz. The blitz came and the push wasn’t enough and the rerolled double-skulls definitely wasn’t enough and the undead scored on Turn 5 to make the score 2-1. The undead’s turn to kickoff and again the kick off table was with me and the High Kick allowed me to place a blitzer under the ball to catch it. It was the turn of my line to do some hitting this time though and the fallen zombies gave me room to move some players through the middle of the pitch with a third score in sight. Plans turned to defense though when a blitzer to blitzer handoff failed in the middle of the pitch and the undead swarmed towards the ball. On Turn 7 one of the blitzers did manage to get the ball and with the help of a push managed to hand off to the other blitzer who dodged free and galloped towards the endzone. The undead had one turn to prevent the third score and managed to apply tackle zones but couldn’t knock the ball carrier over and that left two dodges for the score. This time the dice were in my favour and I managed to score a third with my other unskilled blitzer.

Second Half Analysis

Not as comfortable as the first half, and my rerolls were definitely needed, but this was a good half in general. Getting some SPPs on the second blitzer was another highlight as I think I’ve been under using them in attack so far this season. They need another skill to take them to he next level (obvious I know). The High Kick helped immensely and although putting the blitzer in position to catch was defensive, it did allow me to be slightly more aggressive in attack when the opportunity was there.

Game Summary

The game was everything that I wanted it to be really. The change in approach benefited the elves greatly and the third catcher made a real difference. Two just isn’t enough of a threat and it’s something I’ll remember when I build more pro-elf teams. I think the real turning point was the Perfect Defense on the kick off table. Having scored on turn 3, it allowed me to avoid the inevitable grind and Mighty Blow blocks. It gave me the opportunity to score a second touchdown in the first half and the game was mine to lose at that point. I think I still failed as many of those elfy plays as previous games, but because I had more players and wasn’t suffering by basing the opposition too much, they didn’t feel as bad and weren’t as important to the game. I hope I can take this into my next game against skaven; I know how to play skaven but have no experience playing against them.


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