Match Report: Elves v Lizardmen (Game 4)

Apologies, but this report is late and as a result my memory and my ability to read my game notes is not very good. I’ll do my best though.

Coming into the game I had as an objective skilling up some of my players stuck a few SPPs away from skilling up. The lack of skills was hurting me a little bit and my players were spending too much time on the floor as a result. I needed some Dodge and some Wrestle. The game was also against the league leading (3-0) lizards of an experienced coach with title-winning ambition so SPPs may have been the best result I could hope for.

First Half

I kicked off and got the Blitz and a decent scatter which took the ball next to the endzone. I ran as many players as I could through the lizard tackle zones to apply some pressure on the skink charged with picking up the ball; always sightly weary not to over commit as the skinks could move the ball very quickly if they did mange to pick it up. My early pressure evidently got to the covering skink as he double 1’d his dodge roll and fell over allowing my increasingly impressive catcher to Dodge and then pickup for the turn 1 score. The game restarted and my opponent was getting in 3DBs on my players at every opportunity and the inevitable happened as I lost a blitzer on turn 3. All was not lost though and one of my two catchers attempted a hero play to recover the ball but ultimately paid the price as he had nowhere to go with the ball except into the talons of the sauri. The lizards quickly regained possession and were in position to move the ball down the pitch with the skinks, only for the handoff to fail and the ball there for the elves to steal. The ball clearly had a mind of its own and the elves failed the pickup and the resulting bounce was caught by a bemused saurus who walked in for the turn 8 equaliser. The half ended with the elves down 2 players and the lizards down 1.

First Half Analysis

A Blitz is always a good kick off but the danger is to over commit. I was lucky with the turn 1 score and the second possession was topsy-turvy with the saurus rolling 6 to catch the bouncing ball and then scoring typical of the half. I was pleased to come out of the half 1-1 though especially with me receiving in the second half.The numbers game wasn’t massively against me, even though I was being hit a lot.

Second Half

The second half started with me picking up the ball and giving my thrower a vanity pass to get the 1 SPP that he needed to level up. I sent players down both flanks and the lizards covered both sides of the pitch leaving a couple of sauri in the middle on the line. Turn 3 and one of my blitzers broke through the line along in the middle the ball carrier moved forward to pass over the oncoming saurus…who rolled a 6 an intercepted the pass! The lizard blocking started to take effect as well with 3 elves out KO’d and 2 badly hurt. On turn 6 the saurus managed to score despite some last-ditch defending by the elves. Still two turns remaining and ample time to score. No messing this time as charged down the field and position the thrower in centre field with the ball in the classic quarterback pose. The lizards swarmed and on turn 8 a blitz was needed to free up the ball carrier for the pass but alas a Both Down ended it and the game ended 2-1 to the lizards.

Second Half Analysis

The interception changed the half. It’s my own fault, I know, but you never expect a player to roll a 6 at a time like that. I’m not saying that I would have scored, but for elves to get the ball back from a ST4 player with a good coach is tough. Yes, 1 in 6 is 16.67% but you always go for it in that situation, don’t you?

Game Summary

The game was end to end and quite bizarre from the turn 1 score to the two key 6s rolled by the sauri. I was still too aggressive and will have to address this for the next game. I did managed to achieve one of my goals and skilled up line elf (Wrestle), a catcher (Dodge), and the thrower (Leader). I also decided to buy a third catcher rather than two new linemen with my treasury. Overall this was a fun game of Blood Bowl and as with my previous game came right down to the wire. I pleased that I’m still in games on turn 16 despite having not very many players left. This aspect of my game play needs addressing.


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